So yesterday, Microsoft did something I’ve been guilty of doing in the past, they couldn’t contain themselves and had to tell everyone about their cool idea before everything was done by sorta-kinda releasing the Zune MP3 player.
Now I’m not going to go off on a MS-bashing rant, but I have a general question regarding a good handful of MP3 players – what’s the friggin’ deal with integrating an FM tuner?
Why don’t they just offer phonograph integration too? I have Sirus Satellite Radio in my car, why do I want an FM tuner in my MP3 player?
Am I alone on this?

Thanks Rupert

…Rupert Murdoch moves back up to the top of the heap of Vanity Fair’s New Establishment list…” – I’m sure the aquisition of MySpace helped him get up there. How about some props to the guys who built MySpace? Maybe they should be up there? Like Murdoch, I am also a good shopper, and I usually pick some of the coolest clothes and gadgets before many of my friends know about them. Top of the list for being a good shopper. Well done, Rupert.
And in other news…
MySpace is Over – the age-old cycle continues as the rich companies buy the cool stuff, make it uncool, and search for the next cool thing.

Position is a Function of Time

Most Influential Flash Site Of The Decade – 2Advanced wins at theFWA.
I agree with this win 100%. Let me start off by saying that I am not a fan of the Eric Jordan style – probably because I have seen hundreds of sites that imitate the techie-futuristic-slick style that he established. Being the most influential in any subject sounds like a great thing, but in this case I’m not so sure.
I’m going to alter the title for myself and declare the most influential person to me as an interactive designer – Robert Penner. Robert Penner took the concept of movement and friction in Flash and broken down to what it is: position is a function of time, or p=f(t). From here came the birth of the Tween Prototypes from Laco…. and from there was created the Fuse Engine.
I would never have to deal with Zeno’s Paradox again.

You Appear in Art

Well the folks over at Analogue.ca are doing some crazy stuff with the Flash player webcam functionality.
From analogue.ca:

With the launch of You Appear in Art (webcam required), we are putting out a call for submissions. We want to see photographs of what people are creating using You Appear in Art. Simply taking a picture of the creation on your screen is all we need you to do. Then send it to us.

For complete info, head over to analogue.ca.