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The people at Sony and Microsoft have to be a little envious of the interactive controls on the Nintendo Wii. The graphics on the Wii aren’t nearly as detailed as that on the PS3 and XBox 360, but just take a look at these videos and tell me it doesn’t look fun as hell: […]


WDDG relaunches. Nice one, guys. *if you’re a web geek, you’ll dig their source code.

JPG Magazine

So thanks to my co-worker Maria, I now have a new site/magazine I’m hooked on – JPG Mag. I appreciate their guidelines for submitting photos too: We’re about mostly unmodified photos. That means we do not accept photos that have been overly Photoshopped. Adjustments to color and sharpness is just fine, of course. Just keep […]

iPods – is everything relative?

Listen, I love my iPod, and I understand that the Cool Factor throws off any logical product price breakdowns, but does anyone ever stop to think about things for second? I’ve been meaning to put together a chart (ala Edward Tufte) comparing all the current digital music players and their prices relative to their features.

Job Resources

the eye Originally uploaded by combustionchamber. Salary Scout – gives you good perspective on what other people are making and where. You need to register to see the salaries. Krop – Creative and Technical Jobs (found via NewsToday).

Oh Really? Palm Dismisses iPhone.

Palm CEO Ed Colligan on the news of Apple’s iPhone (found via macnn): “We’ve learned and struggled for a few years here figuring out how to make a decent phone,” he said. “PC guys are not going to just figure this out. They’re not going to just walk in.” You may be right Ed, but […]

It’s not war

It’s nothing new, but I always find it amusing when the media creates ‘battles’ where there are none. Within the last week we’ve seen the launch of the Sony Playstation 3 and the Nintendo Wii. These are both gaming systems so obviously there’s going to be some competition by default, but the reality of the […]

I want ……

Forget the Sony PS3 and the Nintendo Wii… when is Apple going to come out with some new iPod games?


I had a dream this morning that I woke up to 1010 WINS on AM radio and there was a news report that O.J. Simpson had written a book and in it he talked about how he would have killed his wife and her boyfriend if he had done it. The not-funny part is that […]

It’s technical

Dana: “What is that thing you’re doing?” Venkman: “It’s technical. It’s one of our little toys.“ from the Ghostbusters, Listen to audio here. So I’ve switched gears in my career, something I think I did behind-the-scenes a long time ago, but now it’s come around to my job title. I’m now Technical Director at Deep […]

Lisa Brody is live

TCC has just gone live with Lisa Brody – Artist. Lisa has been a great client to work with and I’m actually interested in some of her beautiful paintings.

Does XML Suck? I don’t think so.

I ran across this link in the ‘popular’ section of this morning, Does XML Suck? Prior to having found that article I had just finished a conference call with Google and a client about a project that would utilize Google Earth for an upcoming event. The client wanted to use Google Earth so that […]

8 Intel Cores, 6 Blades a Shaving and Partridge in…

Dell takes on Mac Pro with eight cores – do I hear 10? A Moore’s law for razor blades? – in reference to Gillette’s 5-blade Fusion shaving razor. Things are getting out of control and just multiplying just because they can. But of course our government is restricted to the insufficient 2-party system.