Monthly Archives: December 2006

USPS – Another Broken Wheel

Like the elevator, the Unites States Post Office has to be reinvented because it sucks. Every single one of them. I been to enough of them enough times to know something is very wrong with them. The constant long lines, the delays. As you sit and slowly come to a boil with the other customers […]

Alexa Ranking

As of December 17th: 6,552,630th. Hear me roar internets. The tubes aren’t full yet!

Anti-Social Media …. Wisdom in Crowds?

In one corner we have this article by Andy Rutledge: The wisdom of crowds, consumer–generated ads, news importance selected by the masses, infotainment… New media today is for the people, by the people. The Web employs this model with increasing saturation, but it’s not just the Web that is doing so. All media, many large […]

The Human Camera

I’m not sure what the big deal is, I did this kind of thing in Intro to Drawing in college (thanks Jory).

Revision Skincare

TCC has gone live with the relaunch of premium skincare company – Revision Skincare. I’d like to give a big thanks to Josh at AirLevel1 for all the .NET and database development.

Microsoft WPF/E – Truly UNRevolutionary Technology

Ok, no long-winded Microsoft-bashing on this post, I’ll just cut right to it – Microsoft is developing a competitor to Flash. The technology has a beautifully ambiguous name: WPF/E. For more info read ScottGu’s entry on it (found via Sitepoint). If you’d like to bore yourself, you can watch a video of Joe Stegman from […]

1st Generations

Sony, Nintendo Announce ‘Fixes’ For Their Consoles – this is why you should never get 1st generation anything. First gen Macs, first gen software, game systems, cars. Always let a good handful of bleeding edge nerds break some stuff before you dive in. Then you can buy your fully functioning product, look at them and […]

Microsoft Expression

Well, well. If this ain’t something. Why does all Microsoft work feel devoid of any kind of life? They seem to have put a pretty packaging on their software, but it feels more like they put lipstick on a pig. Were you guys all out of the brown you used on the Zune? I’m surprised […]

Turn it Brown

Daring Fireball does it again – Conjectural Transcript of the Upcoming Negotiations Between Apple and Universal Music Best line in the ‘transcript’: [Steve] Jobs: How about you take one of those white Zunes and you turn it into a brown one, Doug [Morris].