Monthly Archives: January 2007

the ‘Brain Man’

60 Minutes is one of the few TV shows I make it a point to watch. Last night’s episode had a great profile on Daniel Tammet, the ‘Brain Man’. From “I see numbers in my head as colors and shapes and textures. So when I see a long sequence, the sequence forms landscapes in […]

List of Things That Motivate Me

I’m an ideas guy, I think ideas can do anything. Anything, that is – if they’re executed. This company was named after an idea. Ideas inspire people. Ideas kick people in the ass. Below is a small list of things that have inspired me. Some are things you watch, some you read, and some you […]

Many Eyes

The State of the Union in Words – great use of Flash. *on this note, check out Many Eyes (thanks quigga) The Job Board Bubble Web Design Contracts: Why Bother Stop Design – “… the creative outlet of Douglas Bowman, who strives for simple, beautiful, efficiently-constructed design, and the balance of form and function.”

Links For Today 23.01.2007

Hot nuggets for today: – once again, top notch interactive from Nike. Thinking Machine 4: Play the Game – amazing, it shows you what moves the computer is thinking of by drawing lines over the chess board. Dope! Rip DVD’s with VLC – thanks LifeHacker The web is dead, says co-founder of Flickr – […]

Mac Utility of the Day: Safari’s Activity Window

*Note to Firefox users – I know Firefox has a similar activity utilities you can install, but so far I haven’t found them nearly as easy to use as Safari’s. Ever need to know what a web page is comprised of? What kinds of SWF’s, JPG’s and CSS files it’s using? In Safari, simply go […]

iPhone user rating?

I’m really tired of seeing legitimate news sites posting articles that are gossip, hearsay, speculation – whatever you’d like to call it. Technology sites such as Gizmodo and Engadget are notorious for it (some would argue that this is what their specialty is) as well as 500% of all celebrity entertainment sites. I ran across […]

Sony MDR-EX71SLA/B: Good headphones for your iPod

It shouldn’t bother me when I see dozens of people every morning on the subway listening to their iPods through the terrible white earbuds included when you purchase the player …. but I do get bothered. The situation is understandable – if you’ve never used great headphones, you’re below average ones seem to be doing […]

Action City

I just received an email from Creative Director of GrupoW, Miguel Calderon: Only the toughest ones cross its streets. Danger is an exciting constant challenge for its habitants. Living in ActionCity is just for men who don’t fear sweat. Great job guys! Check out Action City here.

Absolut Lomo

Analogue has teamed up with Absolut Vodka for Absolut Lomo. If you have lomo photos, go and contribute. If you win, the prize is a limited edition Absolut Lomo Holga 120 CFN camera! Contest Link

Demitri Martin

Like a lot of other people, I’m sure, Demitri Martin is my new favorite comedian. His Comedy Central special on Sunday was great. He’s also seems to have some serious sponsorship from Microsoft.

Netflix to offer movie downloads – this was the next logical step for them. Interesting that the service is proposing to be streaming not downloadable video. They allows them to nicely step around DRM issues, but it also doesn’t let people burn their movie to disc… David Pogue’s iPhone review – I’m really starting to […]

Why Interactive Design is the Best Field

I made the decision over 7 years ago that I was strictly ‘RGB’. What I mean by this was that despite my 4 years of print design training as an undergraduate, I was going to focus on web design. It proved to be good move because, aside from a slight bump in ’02 after the […]