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Silversun Pickups – Lazy Eye

I the other morning before I left the apartment for work I had MTV on the television, and amazingly, I actually saw a video. Yes, a whole video. Last time I saw a video on MTV was high school. Anyway, this is the video I saw, and I really dig the song and the video:

On Creativity

Meetings make us dumber, study shows (via from the article: The researchers speculate that when a group of people receives information, the inclination is to discuss it. The more times one option is said aloud, the harder it is for individuals to recall other options, explained Krishnan, associate professor of marketing at Indiana University. […]

Oscar Nominees Montage

I watch the Oscars last night and I was mildly amused by the the opening montage of nominee snippets. I can’t objectively say that my amusement wasn’t caused by the realization that it was very similar to the “Get a Mac” ads from a few years ago. As I said, it’s an observation, not a […]

The Art of the Mashup

Bryan just shot me this link over IM earlier today and it’s friggin’ great. It’s a typographic translation of the “What does Marsellus Wallace look like?!” scene from Pulp Fiction created by Jarratt Moody.I think it’s example of the form of art for the 21st century – the mashup. It’s not merely a copy of […]

Obsolescence is in the Mind

The Onion recently published an article titled, Apple Hard At Work Making iPhone Obsolete (via Daring Fireball). It’s dead-on and reflects something I hear a lot regarding Apple products. When people talk about their new iPod or computer, “I know Apple is going to release a new version next week…” seems to be the first […]

Google Apps – Now It’s On

Well, it looks like things are going get interesting in 2007. Sure Google Docs has been up for a while, but they’re putting the operation into second gear and I’m interested to see how Microsoft responds. Check out Google Apps comparison chart. Despite being excited about Google Apps, I’ve also heard great things about Microsoft […]


This is the watch I want, if anyone wants to get it for me. If not, at least explore the Movado site because it is bad-ass. Designed & produced by createthe.


I’ve just implemented sIFR on this site, which should be replacing the HTML text headers for each entry with custom Flash fonts (Futura Bold). If you view my source code, you’ll see that all the h3 tags are still in place – sIFR is working some Javascript trickery to dynamically replace them all on-the-fly. The […]

Agency Blogs

Blogs, online journals, whatever you’d like to call them – they all have the same obvious goal of communicating. Blog software now comes installed on most hosting provider servers and can also be used free (like on MySpace) or for a minimal subscription fee (Typepad, Movable Type). Blogging is as much of fad as a […]


Starting March 5th, 2007 I will be an art director at the New York office of Schematic. I’ll miss the crew at Deep Focus and wish them luck with the move to the new office space in Manhattan. I expect to see much more great rich media and microsites from them!


I also have this photo posted at JPG.

AJAX to the rescue

Most customer support websites tell you to search through their knowledge base before submitting a trouble ticket and I admit that sometimes I get lazy and just want an email response from a support representative with bothering myself by searching around. Well MIVA Small Business Customer Support didn’t let me do that. After I clicked […]