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Grand Theft Auto IV (4)

Grand Theft Auto IV – coming 10.17.07 Looks like we won’t have to settle for ‘Liberty City’ anymore, we’re getting the real NYC, complete with the MetLife – I mean, GetALife building. (thanks Bryan)

Jonathan Harris

Today’s inspiration comes from a video I found from the Cool Hunting video podcast on iTunes. The video features new media artist? designer? Jonathan Harris. Harris is a great example of someone who is equal parts visual artist and technologist. Cool Hunting: Jonathan Harris Universe / by Jonathan Harris

Smart and Dumb

The smartest thing I’ve read today comes from Andy Rutledge: If not for context, design would be an incredibly simple (and boring and worthless) endeavor. Anyone could be a designer, as they’d only need to learn a few dozen concrete rules. But context gums up the works. Context is a highly disruptive element in communication […]

Adobe Create Suite 3

Adobe Create Suite 3 – is it me, or do they seem to be going a little Windows Vista-y with their various package deals?

Nokia Nseries

Nokia Nseries – this site with some great features integrated into Flash, including RSS feeds and a lot of attention to the details in the GUI.

Nice Sites

Jeremy Boles – I love the use of Javascript to slide to each section. (found at CSS Remix) Design Fruit (found at Aisleone – good design blog with a beautiful logo.

My Space

After 3 years, I’ve cancelled my MySpace account. I realized that I don’t use it. Ever. I’m also 29 so it’s not really meant for me. And unlike Mike Davidson, I don’t plan on firing up any new accounts elsewhere. It’s time to trim the fat for spring.

Reading 3/22/07

The New Viral (via Big Spaceship Blog) David Pogue – Apple TV Has Landed – first I have get my new plasma screen, then I have to get my Wii … then I gotta get my Apple TV. Mike Davidson on MySpace and Virb – Virb definitely looks like a great alternative to MySpace, trouble […]

Red Interactive Agency

Red Interactive Agency is awesome! Not awesome for the main content, which presented in a familiar agency format, but awesome for the avatar it creates for you at the bottom of the site that you can use to chat with other visitors as well as drag from left to right, and, well …. up. Try […]


I’m a little late posting this but swfIR is a great step in the evolution of web design & development. I find it funny that they don’t user sIFR for their text-as-image section headers. Maybe there’s a Javascript class incompatibility reason for this.


Monocle – great example of a magazine that gets the web. I wish Flaunt would get around to getting the web too, because their magazine is so damn good, I can only imagine them having an awesome website. Monocle was brought to my attention by my co-worker Paula during our weekly design meeting. We all […]