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Links For Today 9.28.2007

If you look hard, there’s actually a lot of amazing things happening in the world besides celebrities wiping their asses and speculation on non-existent gadgets. MS to sell XP until June 2008 after Vista backlash – Imagine you release a product update that is so good that consumers opt for the older version. Well done […]

Rita Hazan

Analogue launches the new Rita Hazan website in collaboration with Kate Schelter. I think they make a good team, this site is beautiful and easy to use. Great photography can really elevate a project, can’t it? Of course, so can great design and development. Alright, I guess you need it all.


These are from the QBN Sessions (via NewsToday) Michael Muller – “And that is Batman smoking crack.” Joshua Davis – “I’m somewhat responsible for what you’re seeing on screen …but there’s a lot of loss of control.”


When we make decisions in our lives, we all carry with us tons of opinions, ideas, memories and associations. Some of these we’re aware of, and some are subconscious. A phenomenon that I always find interesting is cryptomnesia: It refers to cases where (apparently) a person believes that he or she is creating or inventing […]

Links For Today 9.14.2007

WindowShade X – It’s not that the ‘genie’ minimize effect isn’t effective in OS X, it’s just not my style. Call me old-fashioned, but I still like the window shade ‘snap’ of the old OS 9. I’ve been using WindowShade X for years now. Paths of Resistance in the East Village – As someone who’s […]

Welcome to the Family

Our CEO at Schematic, Trevor Kaufman, just sent out an email this morning announcing that Schematic was acquired by WWP. All in all it sounds like a win-win. Obviously being part of a publicly-traded company brings with it some responsibilities, like meeting financial expectations every year, but how is that a bad thing? We just […]

The NY Times Gets the Web

I spend a lot of time online. Even as I work during the day in my design applications, I’m constantly checking my NewsFire RSS application for news. Despite great simplicity of RSS feeds, the has many features that you can only take advantage of by going to the actual site. The really seems […]

Once Upon a Time Up in Jersey, YO!

I’m heading back to school this fall. Starting next week I’ll be teaching the Motion Design course with Brenda McManus at Rutgers University – Newark campus. I’m excited because it focuses on storyboarding and concepting as well as execution within Adobe Flash. Learning an application is important, but its the conceptual skills that will get […]

Schematic relaunch

A big round of applause to Schematic LA for their great work on the new Schematic website. It’s in Flash 9, written in AS3, supports browser history (and back button), its friendly with mobile browsers, and search engine optimized. We even have a new showreel included. It’s got a few kinks in it, so if […]

Light up the web?

Microsoft Officially Launches Silverlight Microsoft has also announced that a number of content providers will be providing Silverlight enabled content online, including Entertainment Tonight, HSN and World Wrestling Entertainment. What this TechCrunch article doesn’t mention is that Microsoft has paid these companies, or has paid for the deveopment of some of these video players. I […]

Funny like a clown.

There’s been some good ha-ha’s this last month: iTunes Store To Stop Selling NBC Television Shows – hahaha! so NBC responds: NBC ‘DISAPPOINTED’ IN NOT NEGOTIATING NEW ITUNES PACT – hahaha! and NBC reacts: After ditching Apple, NBC opts for flex pricing and more DRM with Amazon – HAHAHA! Stop, NBC, you’re killing me! And […]