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Design = Control

photo: Victor Schrager NY Times Magazine: A Clicker Is Born Five drawings laid out an architecture for the kind of innovation that would become increasingly common as the century wore on: a media technology that appeared simple, and that promised to make life better for consumers, and that hid its complexity under the guise of […]

Help, Apple! Help!

CNN Money: Nokia says door open for cooperation with Apple on web portal Ovi – Vanjoki (via Gizmodo) management board member Anssi Vanjoki: ‘In Finnish, Ovi means door. And our door is open. Of course, Apple can get into our portal. We even invite (Apple Inc chief executive) Steve Jobs to do so,’ Vanjoki was […]

An Ill Reindeer

I grew up taking trips into Middle Village, Queens on the weekends to see my grandma, so when I think of Christmas, I think of Run DMC.


Jory over at Analogue posted an interesting thought based on Apple’s most recent security update – what is the future of Adobe Flash in regard to OS X? By bundling a Flash plug-in update within the Security Update, Apple is inherently making a statement on how integral Flash has become. It’s easy for us to […]

Snicker, Snicker

The age old question, Are people inherently evil? …I don’t know, but I like this word and I’m making it today’s Word of the Day: schadenfreude – [n. SHAW-den-froy-duh] Taking malicious satisfaction in another person’s troubles is schadenfreude. (definition via Cool Words) this word was found at at DaringFireball

They’re Crafty

New York Times Magazine: Handmade 2.0 (requires login, free) < blockquote>All of which is a familiar-enough Internet-start-up story line. I was more interested in what made Etsy seem different from so many current efforts to “build community” online: the luck or genius of the site is that Kalin and the other founders encountered in the […]

Plates Are Shifting

The design portal model we’re all come to know over the last 8-10 years is quickly becoming irrelevant. Attention is obviously turning to many blogs, but even when taking design blogs into account, there seems to be a void for central places for inspiration, news, conversation and education in web design. Some design portals are […]

Without Heat

Without Heat in the Bronx (with video) – A lot of people in the city are unaware that situations exist like this. They assume that since they have heat and hot water in the their building, everyone must. And they don’t. Their building, a five-story walk-up at 1277 Morris Avenue, has been without steady heat […]

suspended in time

Over the last 10 years, I’ve grown more and more interested in the history of New York, and I found The Ghosts of Clinton Street (with a slideshow) fascinating in today’s Sunday Times. Yet 312, as the family calls it, remains the rarest of places, a Brooklyn home whose residents eat at the same oak […]

Tick Tick Tick Tick

I really like this new Beck song. It’s not anything groundbreaking, just really friggin catchy. Apparently the video below is unauthorized. Someone just decided to make a video for Beck. The video takes the idea of a timebomb and counts down the length of the song. It also cycles through all of Beck’s styles throughout […]