Monthly Archives: January 2008

Flickr with a Purpose

So I’m a little late this this, but FFFFound is hot. Very hot. I think of it as Flickr with a purpose, or Flickr with a brain or something. Dalematic told me, “It’s better than going to the bookstore ….almost.” What is great about the site is the simplicity. It’s easy to start browsing just […]

My First iPhone Wish

Ok, I’ve got my first “wish-I-had-this-on-my-iPhone” item. No, cut-and-paste is not on the list, surprisingly. I want a program that will cache my RSS feeds so I can read them offline. Like when I’m in the subway or don’t have a WiFi or mobile signal.

Those Were the Days

Remember back in the day when you were using Netscape 4.47 – if you resized your browser window it would wipe out all your CSS to Times Roman? …so you had to include a Javascript to refresh the page when the window was resized? Yeah. Those days sucked.


So we just hired a great interactive art director at Schematic. His name is Victor Brunetti, and he’s the kind of person you need in today’s digital design world. He knows design and he knows code – and then he knows how to cook em into amazing experiences. I hold hybrid designers like this in […]

Combustible Webclips

So I’ve retired my Treo 650 (I will write a separate entry on that topic) and replaced it with an iPhone. As I suspected, the iPhone is an incredible device and I’m already changing the way I work and organize myself. One of the great features is the ability to make ‘webclip’ icons for your […]

Exercise In Futility

Edward Tufte has contributed a lot to visual communications, but I’ve put him in the category with people like Hillman Curtis – people who’s ideas and non-design work are more important than their visual contributions. His books are intelligent, beautiful and well constructed – christ the guy has his own printing press. …but …with that […]

Apple Should Think Like Apple Does

AmTech: Apple must upgrade iPods I’m not going to waste my time talking about the bullshititude of this analyst, Mr. Shaw Wu. I’ll let the comments speak for themselves. I partcularly like this comment posted: Yet again Shaw Wu misses by expectation on perceptive reporting by about 100%. He does meet his expectations on somebody […]

Video on the Web

I don’t watch the news at home on that ‘television’ thing. I get the news throughout the day form videos and RSS feeds. Here are some spots you can get your video fix, whether its for news or entertainment. Reuters Video – Top News, Business & Entertainment Funny or Die – for HAHA stuff SuperDeluxe […]


Tolleson Design – I’m not sure how long this site has been up, but it looks great. After my last post on print designers not understand web design, Tolleson has come a long way and his site is working pretty well. We can forgive him for the large amount of type-as-GIF, remember print designers need […]

Bad, Bad Quark

Quark: Flash tool for Leopard, new Quark Labs Can someone tell me who told Quark Express it was a good idea to make a tool for print designers to build Adobe Flash websites? What the hell are they smoking? I’ve talked to many print designers over the years and when I tell them I’m involved […]

The Online World In 2008 and Beyond

Venture Fundings Hit $29.4 Billion in 2007: The Year in Charts All I can say is wow. This news from the past year added to the inevitability of a recession hitting the United States in 2008 makes me think. It makes me think I’m glad I chose to pursue web design when I graduated from […]

Links For Today 01.21.2008

I have some links I ran across today in my Google Reader RSS feeds. It’s sad that I run across so much bullshit, fake product competitions and hyperbole. Let’s spew out some exhaust, it’s long overdue: HBO begins offering Internet video service – It’s bullshit that’s it’s Windows-only, but it does prove there IS life […]