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Buckethead and Claypool tear it up so much in this clip that I didn’t notice all the nasty hippies:

Burn Your Bras

Ferrari Enzo, originally uploaded by finlayedridge. There’s a reason you’ll be hard-pressed to find a Ferrari with a nose cover or bra, as they’re commonly called. As useful as a bra is to protect a car’s front end from oncoming debris, it also does something inversely damaging – It masks the beautiful craft and design […]

il magnifico

A few weekends ago, I was wandering around my old neighborhood in the East Village, shooting photos. When I got to Thompkins Square Park, I was curious to see if there was still a free wifi hotspot in it. I’m not sure I found the park’s hotspot, but I did find a bunch of others. […]

Keep it Like A Secret

Jory has a funny post over at Analogue about how Microsoft is going to share some of its secrets. So, what secrets …exactly …is Microsoft going to share with us? Maybe the secret of how to release an operating system patch for Vista that actually causes more problems than fixes old ones? Also on that […]

Links for Today 02.21.2008

Tip: Prevent iPhoto from opening when you plug in your iPhone – Wow. Thank you 37Signals, this has been driving me crazy as well. I haven’t tried this yet, but I hope it works. Unlike my Canon Rebel, I actually like to keep my photos on my iPhone to share and show people (I also […]

WTF, InDesign?

Hey InDesign! I need you to take your CMYK ass and go over and talk to your RGB step-cousin Flash, and get some of his tools. Specifically, the ones that space evenly vertically and horizontally.

R.I.P. Palm Treo, 2005-2008

Last month marked the retirement of my Palm Treo 650. This phone, combined with my Treo 600 before it, lasted me for over 3 years – and it did it’s job very well. Its top selling point for me was the Hot Sync ability. The fact that if I ever lost or broke my phone, […]

Links for Today 02.19.2008

Toshiba drops HD DVD, has no Blu-ray plans – It’s about time. This is one time where the better technology has won a format war.

Links for Today 02.15.2008

I started out the day thinking I didn’t have anything I wanted to post. Now its just the opposite. Keepin’ it Tween Flash is Not a Stepping Stone! (thanks Len) – I’m one of these people who has started to feel like I wasn’t keeping up enough with the technical side of flash (even though […]


I’m not sure who Alex English is, but I’m really digging the hockey-masked busts.

A Lot

I can’t think of much to say right now. I can say there’s a lot of great things happening where I work, go check out the Schematic blog – InsideTheBox.

Be Careful What You Say

Apple haters love to screw themselves with outrageous predictions and claims. This clip makes me smile, I believe it was shot in ’07, right around the time Apple either announced the iPhone or launched it, I’m not quite sure: Most expensive phone ever in the marketplace? Ha! I know people who paid more for their […]

Bush League Flowers

I don’t like talking shit about companies, but when they mess up too many times, I have to say something. For the second year in a row, ProFlowers has dropped the ball and has not delivered my order on time. In this case, when I got the email telling me my order had shipped, I […]

The Sacred Space of the Logo has an article on the various websites that have changed their logos to a Valentine’s day theme. At first, I was inclined to credit (or blame) Google for establishing the precedent of changing your company logo for different occasions and events. …but I thought about it again I realized this wasn’t true. Does anyone […]