Monthly Archives: March 2008

See Ya Soon

My wife and I are off to Honduras. This part of the internets will be exhaustless for the next week.

Professionals are Professionals

So I’ve been thinking about this Newsweek article, Revenge of the Experts, and some of the more solid responses to this article like The Experts vs. the Amateurs: A Tug of War over the Future of Media and Crowdsourcing vs Expertsourcing: A Misleading Comparison Here’s a great piece of the Newsweek article: In short, the […]

It’s All in Da Shoes!

I had to pitch to a prospective client today for Schematic. I stayed up until 2AM this past Sunday preparing my designs. Our CTO integrated my designs into our Keynote presentation and everything came together perfectly. All in all it was a great pitch and the prospective client responded great to our work. Then as […]

I can’t deal

Palm chief: no new Treos until summer – Bummer, I was looking forward to some fresh 8-bit graphic ‘smart’ phones. …pysche!

Links for Today 03.18.2008

Color Chart: Reinventing Color from 1950 to Today – Great data visualizing and navigation. (via swissmiss) Publicis & Hal Riney – It’s not perfect by any means, but really makes me think of the possibilities… (via theFWA) Microsites = waste – very good read. And while we’re on the topic of bad practices on the […]

Not Half Bad

Digital A-List 2008: Next in Line – #2 …Go Schematic! UPDATE: I just realized we were also Webpick of the Week at CommArts for 02.29.08. full disclosure: I’m an art director at this kick-ass agency.

It’s worth it.

I shoot photography because I love it. I think if I wasn’t an art director, my second career choice would be photographer. Like any activity, photography takes practice. Many of my shots are not winners. That’s not to say that I snap away recklessly and hope for the best, but there’s definitely a level of […]

Are You Sure?

Google Exec: Android Will Outsell iPhone Is he sure? I’m not …and I wanted to burn this into database memory that someone at Google uttered these words. Of course there’s a chance this could come to pass, especially considering it will/could show up on devices from Motorola, HTC, Samsung, and others. Questions that have yet […]

Not part of the equation

After yesterday’s post on the great ad-blocking Firefox plug-in, AdBlock, I kept thinking about advertising. We’ll always have advertising in one form or another. To get interpretive for a moment, we all engage in advertising, when we get dressed to go on a date, or an interview – you’re selling yourself. Anyway, I was thinking […]


A zoom-in on one of the jellybean status icons from iChat:


The other day I was trying to imagine an online world with no advertising. No advertising meaning, no Adobe Flash ads, no banner ads, no Eyeblaster roadblocks and no ad pages that pop up before I get to the page I clicked for. Then I thought – couldn’t you write an add-on for Firefox that […]

Apple Fanboys?

Full disclosure: I am an Apple shareholder, and have been using Apple computers for over 10 years. Microsoft can take it deep. I’d like to squash all these false statements about how Apple ‘fanboys’ gloat over their precious iPhones. I was out this weekend with some friends and friends-of-friends. They all had iPhones, and the […]

Protect Yourself

I was at the flea market on 25th & 6th Ave last weekend, looking for graphic gems and I found a few. One item I found was Protection from Radioactive Fallout. It was published in 1959 and the gist of it is that if a nuclear bomb drops, you’re fucked no matter how way you […]