Monthly Archives: April 2008

Focused needs Unfocused

Just read a good post by Seth Godin about traffic hitting your website. This is a truth of the Internet: When traffic comes to your site without focused intent, it bounces. 75% of all unfocused visitors leave within three seconds. Any site, anywhere, anytime. 75% bounce rate within three seconds. His point is that it’s […]

Stupid questions do exist

From the Dallas Morning News: Why doesn’t Microsoft out-innovate Apple? First off, what the hell is in the water in Texas? Either the writer is extremely dumb, or they published this “blog” post just to get a lot of comments (and you’ll see there’s a lot). The writer ends the piece by answering his own […]

just observing

I was out this weekend in Central Park and then I decided to go downtown, to one of the places I usually dread going – Broadway in SoHo. What made Broadway tolerable for me was the fact that I had no destination. I was not there to buy anything, just to grab shots of all […]


Samsung skips the touchscreen, patents gesture-based phone interface Microsoft adds twist to handhelds with force-sensing technology So Samsung is working on gestures, and Microsoft is working on force-sensing. Is everyone already throwing in the towel on multi-touch interfaces? Listen, as happy iPhone owner, I know from experience that Apple has created a paradigm – but […]

No Meds Necessary

For about two years, I’ve had to deal with sharp pains in my legs and feet. This wasn’t muscle pain, it felt more like it was coming from my nerves. About 2 months ago, I decided to go to the doctor to this condition diagnosed. My doctor told me it was RLS – restless leg […]

MS and Apple

AT&T launches “Surface” computing at retail …and AT&T is a also getting ready for the 3G iPhone. All I have to say is, if my iPhone ever finds itself on top of a Microsoft Surface, it has my full permission to take a dump on it.


Ax Men, Ice Road Truckers, Deadliest Catch, Dirty Jobs. Being in a post-industrial society in the United States, it’s interesting how working class jobs have become a novelty, something we find entertaining enough to create television shows about.

Nice Euphamism

Ballmer Calls Vista ‘A Work In Progress’ (via) In the modern era of regular online updates, most pieces of software are effectively works in progress, even after their release. But Ballmer’s use of the phrase is surprising, because to most people it would tend to connote “something unfinished,” said Michael Gartenberg, a Jupiter Research analyst. […]

Go, Speed, Go

Looks like the Wachowski Bros have made another solid spectacle of effects. Can’t wait.