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Links for Today 6.30.2008

NYT: Windows Could Use a Rush of Fresh Air The best solution to the multiple woes of Windows is starting over. Completely. Now. Wow, thanks Captain Obvious. Seth Godin: Bravery and Wall-e Pixar, recently purchased by Disney, could crank out multi-billion dollar confections. They know all the moves, they have the chops to create merchandising […]

feeling the ripples

So Microsoft has been circling Yahoo like a vulture. Microsoft now says that it’s not interested anymore, no deal. I don’t buy it and I don’t think this is the last we’ll hear of the whole debacle. On my little consumer/member side of things, I’m feeling the ripples. First off is the exit of Flickr […]

seat belts – high tech sh!t

So ok, everyone is posting Carlin clips this week. Most are posting “The 7 words you can’t say on television”. Fine. Good for you, it’s a classic. (Let it be noted I posted that clip on March 3rd) I’d be curious to find out how many of these people were actually familiar with that skit […]

Links for Today 6.25.2008

There Are No iPhone Killers Pretty obvious points about Apple’s success, but sometimes you need someone to just say it: But if you can reach back in your mind to the pre-iPhone time, you’ll remember that four main icons for navigation and several rows of icons for applications is not some universal navigation standard for […]

Ames Bros

I found this shirt over the weekend and decided to find out the deal with the Ames Bros. Verdict? They do good work (although their website needs serious help). Uh-Oh!, men’s t-shirt

A Doomed flight

So flew Virgin America this past week. They have a good attitude and sense of humor which is refreshing when you’re flying. The interior is has been modernized on the surface – using things like diffused neon lighting and shiny white plastic shells on various surfaces (it’s lipstick on a pig, as much as can […]

I want to howl

I saw this in Borders during my trip to SF. Allen Ginsberg’s collected poems next to a biography of Backstreet Boy Lance Bass. Yeah. Ok. I guess it’s democratic – all books are equal and living peacefully together, but it doesn’t mean I didn’t almost throw up in my mouth when I saw it.

Webmonkey, still runnin’

Webmonkey has redesigned their site (again). I’ve seen some posts poking fun at them for another redesign, people wondering what the point is. The point for me is that I’m glad Webmonkey still exists. I’m actually amazed it still exists. When I graduated college in 1999 with a degree in Graphic Design (read ‘print design’), […]


Jedd Flanscha has an interesting experiment going on over at Yield Media. We need more experiments like this. Heed to Design and stay vigilant!

Keep em hungry

We wouldn’t want to “dampen the world’s appetite for oil” now would we? Shit, they might go and find something that’s better than oil, and that would suck!

La Cucaracha

from the NY Times: And while Mrs. Clinton reminisced about her campaign and talked of a need to unite the party, she did not concede, and indeed did not acknowledge that her rival, Senator Barack Obama, had passed the threshold of delegates needed to secure the nomination. She’s a resilient little bugger, ain’t she? Like […]