Monthly Archives: August 2008

The answer is right in front of you

So I keep seeing headlines about the iPhone’s “killer app”. Does it exist? Which one is it? BusinessWeek writes about The Search for the Killer iPhone App. Over at TechCrunch, Erick Schonfeld takes on this topic in his article, iPhone Apps: One Month And 60 Million Downloads Later. But Not One Of Them Is A […]

I prefer the right brain

From Cards that fly all over the table, spill onto the floor, and disappear beneath a laser beam. Welcome to the chaotic and flabbergasting magical world of Lennart Green, grand master of close-up card trickery. …Swedish card trick maestro Lennart Green has been baffling audiences for years with card tricks that seem barely under […]

Grapple in the Apple Poster

I was walking through my old neighborhood in the East Village on Sunday when I spotted an amazing Federer-Nadal poster amidst the usually paste-ups of gritty ads and promotions:

Blurry screenshots in OS X. Solved!

After a long time of head scratching, I’ve finally discovered why all my screenshots on my brand 24-inch iMac G5 at my last job as well as those done on my current Powerbook G5 came out fuzzy. Blame the Wacom tablet. Actually, the tablet isn’t at fault – blame the damn pen! I found the […]

great line

Apple just posted a new Get a Mac commercial. “fear of switching is the foundation of customer loyalty for PCs” Ten bucks says Chiat Day got that line from Jobs.

Meteors, Type and Bullets

some tasty links I’ve found recently: Hot Meteor (via Darden Studio (via Flickr: High-speed photography

This should be interesting

Engadget: 1000 Microsoft engineers to code Windows 7 I don’t even need this pull quote, but I’ll paste it in anyway: The 1,000-strong engineering team is comprised of 25 different feature teams each made up of about 40 persons on average. Sounds like efficiency to me. I can’t wait to see how Windows 7 turns […]

adding value

I have this rule, well, it’s more of a guideline than a rule …regarding social media. Facebook specifically. This is the guideline: When I get a friend request from someone on Facebook (or maybe LinkedIn, recruiters love to connect to you so they can comb through potential leads), I usually will add that person. More […]

Put them in their place?

Dell’s Zing hopes to rival Apple in ecosystem, launch two players early next year From the article: Dell’s hoping to partner up with Apple’s rivals to build a new ecosystem that will create better interoperation between PMPs, phones, cars, satellite radios and the multitude of online music stores out there. From the looks of things, […]