Monthly Archives: September 2008

as good as money

For those of you who remember the movie Dumb & Dumber, this current economic crisis calls to mind a particular scene: audio version (WAV) Nicholas Andre: Where’s all the money? Lloyd: That’s as good as money sir, those are IOUs. Go ahead and add it up every cents accounted for. Look, see this that’s a […]

Well, how else would you say it?

MISSILETEST: We Are Being Fucked Given the numbers and absurdity of this financial situation we’re in, that’s not a vulgar title. I’d call it pretty accurate. As in: Marcellus Wallace, ball gag, in a redneck basement. Fucked.

Microsoft – You are the weakest link. Goodbye.

So Microsoft began running two commercials featuring Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates a few weeks ago. These ads were the beginning of their $300 million campaign to promote Microsoft and Windows Vista – although calling it a damage control campaign is more accurate. I liked the spots. They were funny. They didn’t do much to […]

just the facts

Yesterday I traveled down to DC with my boss to do a creative workshop with a new client. Since I’m now working with more corporate clients than I have in the past, I’ve noticed a few things (although not all these apply strictly to the corporate environment): – Windows Vista takes a very, very, very […]


The site of photographer Chris Woods. It’s a great example of Flash used correctly – its simple and easy to navigate. Just use your arrow keys. (via changethethought)


Environmentalists get on my nerves. Not because their ideas aren’t good, it’s just their attitude. From iPodNN: Apple has made yet more environmental progress with its latest iPods, but still has more to accomplish, claims Greenpeace. …Greenpeace also praises Apple for aiming to phase out toxins by the end of 2008, and increase recycling by […]