Monthly Archives: October 2008

I think it should have 5 keyboards

So many of the reviews of the iPhone thus far have complained about the lack of a physical keyboard. Now there’s word that the Android OS, that currently runs on the T-Mobile G1, will get a virtual keyboard included in the next iteration of the software in 2009. Hold up – the G1 has a […]


Design is about choice. What options do you give people to choose from? If you give people too many choices, they won’t know what to choose (Barry Schwartz calls this the Paradox of Choice). If you give people too little choices, they won’t know what to choose. A great design finds the right balance of […]


IDEO launches a new site. Interesting use of Javascript. (via ChangeTheThought)

sup shorty

So I have a new girlfriend, her name is Leighton Meester. I’ve told my wife about her, and she’s totally cool with it (She’s been seeing David Beckham for a few years now anyway).

Oscar still has a point

So Khoi Vihn, over on his blog, Subtraction, has a post about design magazines and how he perceives – and inevitably handles them differently than the beat-up copy of the New Yorker in his bag. With regard to publications such as Eye and Print: It’s taken me years of subscribing to these magazines or buying […]

vernacular design

I’m surprised how many designers (web or otherwise) that don’t know the term vernacular design. Considering how much vernacular design is out there, I can guess a lot of people don’t know that they’re even engaging in it. Vernacular design refers to a style, not to a methodology. A common example would be the vintage/retro […]

The Medium is the Message

The CNN ‘Breaking Alerts’ are starting to read like Twitter messages: Twitter: No context, no supporting link to more info. No who, what, why, where or how.

Barking Irons

So I’ve got a new favorite t-shirt brand: They’re called Barking Irons on the Bowery. From their Wikipedia page: The name “Barking Irons” comes from a 19th century slang term for pistols. The term was created by gangs of youths that haunted New York’s infamous Bowery. The Bowery, a theatre district for much of the […]