Monthly Archives: December 2008


I found the work of Matthew Porter on FFFFound last week. For those of you for don’t know what FFFFound is, it’s porn for designers. Then I ran into his work again today at the Morning News. His shots of these classic cars are great, I’ve already added them as wallpapers to my iPhone. It’s […]

interview time

So my geeky ass was interviewed on Level3 Hosting’s Red Couch at this year’s Phizzpop competition in Chicago in which the company I work for, Roundarch, was one of the competing teams. Ok, so I need more practice with my speaking skills (Pound a beer every time I say ‘ya know’). Here’s the interview with […]

it’s a good idea

What does it mean for a painter to… actually imitate someone else? What’s wrong with that? On the contrary, it’s a good idea. You should constantly try to paint like someone else. But the thing is, you can’t! – Pablo Picasso

Speak Visual

This is a perfect, coincidental continuation from the last post. Speak Visual from NVIDIA. The ‘hide-away’ navigation on the spotlight page is smart and the transitions from section to section are also really smooth. I will admit that I actually clicked on a banner ad to get to the microsite. Reason? There was a funny […]

What’s that, Professor X?

Hybrids that can fluidly cross the chasm between technology and the arts are the mutations in the academic system. Traditionally, universities create technology students or art students—but never mix the two sides of the equation in the same person. During the 1990’s the mutants that managed to defy the norm would either seek me out, […]

Data Visualization for ME

A big part of my job at Roundarch is working with and visualizing data and taking it beyond bars and pies. I don’t have much experience with data viz and as much as I appreciate and work with data visualizations, I haven’t found my ‘entry point’ into it yet. Then I came across Nicholas Felton’s […]