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Failure – The Secret to Success is one of three short films currently featured on Honda – The Power of Dreams. The films come across as thoughtful and sincere and show how the vision of the founder, Soichiro Honda, still carries on in the company.

Good question, I don’t know

My colleague Victor just wrote a great post. From his post: What is the service this site is providing me – or to put it another way – what’s in it for me (other than a way to waste 10 minutes of my day)? It’s important to answer that question before your client does. We […]

The elements of typographically correct email

This subject has been sitting in the combustion chamber for a while and I need to get it out on the nets. Email applications need to allow for specifying line width for text. When they don’t, the amount of words/characters per line is dependent on the size of your message window. It shouldn’t be the […]