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I’m not quite sure why I’m doing this, but I thought I would open up my stats to everyone, at least for a little while. There’s a little checkbox in Mint letting you do this. Shaun Inman must have put it there for a reason. They’re not too impressive, but I know there’s stats junkies […]

My thoughts on Safari 4 Beta

Safari launched Safari version 4 Beta on Tuesday. There’s some good things and bad things about it. I won’t go through every facet of the update (you can find a list on Apple’s site). I’ll be focusing on the features that stand out to me the most. Tabs Tabs are the most obvious UI change […]

Actions, not Words

Who gives a shit if Obama’s speech is good? We all know he’s an amazing speaker. How about we focus on how he presides over this country? You know, how he actually does his job, not on what he wants to do.

Windows Mobile 6.5 FAIL

Editorial: Ten reasons why Windows Mobile 6.5 misses the mark Great recap on why Windows Mobile 6.5 blows: At a distant glance some of those updates seem pretty neat, but get up close to them. The swiping and scrolling gestures are awkward (as noted by Chris Ziegler in his hands-on), in fact, they seem to […]

Being happy with second (or third) place

Whether they admit it or not, I realized that Creative Labs is happy being in second place to Apple in digital media players. If they thought they had a chance to be #1, they wouldn’t be making accessories for the iPod and iPhone. If you can’t be the greatest, be part of the greatest.

Facts & Specificity

I was watching the movie Transformers last night with my wife, occasionally rattling off the names of the various aircraft that show up – A-10 Warthog, F-22 Raptor, MH-53 Pave Low…. and on and on. She asked me how I knew all these names and I explained it was the result of growing up with […]

Captain Obvious dissects market trends

From MacNN: Analysis of trends reveals the dynamics of how and why iPhone applications sell, claims Pinch Media. The advertising firm notes for instance that popularity feeds popularity, as appearing in a top 100 list increases new users by 2.3 times, on average. The jump is said to be even more dramatic once in the […]

Rengim Mutevellioglu

I came across the photography of Rengim Mutevellioglu on QBN. According to her portfolio page on Krop Creative Pro, she’s 17 years old. Even if she was 37 years old these photographs would still be amazing. Whatever the case may be for the enigmatic Rengim, great work.


Now’s as good a time as any to mention my newest endeavor with my good friend Jory at Analogue – HEED. HEED is very much in it’s infancy but the driving force behind it is Design. Design meaning ideas. Solutions to problems – product problems, technology problems, social problems, transportation problems. HEED is not about […]

exhaust, in 140-character increments

Even though The Combustion Chamber still runs on petrol, that doesn’t mean I’m not environmentally conscious so when my thoughts don’t warrant a full post, I choose the leaner, smaller vehicle called Twitter (since May ’07):

Walken doesn’t do punctuation

Goddamn, the reasons I love Walken just keep multiplying. From the Ellen DeGeneres Show: When i was a kid, I always resented …when I was in school …having to put the period here and the comma here …I felt that it was an imposition …so whenever I wrote anything, I would write it without punctuation. […]


Fort Totten, NY – 02.07.2009 I went on my first urban expedition photo shoot with a few friends (missiletest & stg54) to Fort Totten, New York. I think I’m hooked. When’s our next trip?


Guess I missed this one when it dropped. Hot track featuring Q-Tip.