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You know what the difference is between you and me? …I make this look good. Agent J, Men in Black


I came across a great word in a recent post on GigaOm (referencing an NYT post): Kaizen (改善, Japanese for “improvement”) is a Japanese philosophy that focuses on continuous improvement throughout all aspects of life. According to the post, Jeff Bezos, founder of, is a big proponent of kaizen. The United States auto industry […]

What they’re looking for…

So it looks as though my little experiment was fairly successful. I posted an entry in September of last year with a layered Photoshop file containing the iconography for the mouse hand and arrow. I figured since I always have needed those assets when showing various interaction states for projects, others probably needed them too. […]

i just want a Kit Kat

I enjoy intellectual discussion about philosophy, technology and art, to name a few. I read books, articles and blog posts that stimulate my imagination. I also like to express my views on these subjects on this site. As much as I like ‘high cuisine’ items such as these, sometimes I’m just in the mood for […]

Kindle on my iPhone

Amazon releasing a Kindle application for the iPhone was a very smart move. Like a lot of the news I’m reading today, I’m happy to see Amazon make this move and not try to wall off other devices. While it’s not going to replace the Kindle 1.0 my wife bought me for Christmas, there’s no […]


Fort Totten, originally uploaded by combustionchamber.


corridor, originally uploaded by combustionchamber.


What could this post be about? Michael blasting Microsoft again? Yep. They make it too damn easy for me. This bit of exhaust has to do with the new ‘vision’ piece for 2019 posted over at istartedsomething. Microsoft has a vision for things in 2019 and it involves lots of touch screens and e-ink – […]