Monthly Archives: August 2009

hand cursor alternates

After the hugely successful Hand & Arrow Cursors post that went viral a few weeks ago thanks to swissmiss and Michael Surtees, I decided to follow up with a iconographic exercise with the OS X ‘Mickey Mouse glove’ hand cursor. There’s 9 12 versions of the hand: standard OS X, roll-over-link hand thumbs up thumbs […]

hey Wired, craigslist is fine the way it is

Gary Wolf is missing the point over at in his piece, Why Craigslist Is Such a Mess. Some people – be it developers, media outlets or plain consumers – have a big problem if you don’t play by certain rules. We heard outcries from frustrated developers who pleaded (and still plead) with Apple to […]

no more sirius

So after 3 years, I’ve canceled my Sirius Satellite Radio account. Despite my cancellation, I think Sirius offers a great service, just not one that syncs with my lifestyle. First off, I’ve been back in NYC since 2006, and not driving nearly as much as I was down in Miami for a year. While I […]

iPhone – big in Japan or not?

I’ve had this post waiting to be written for a few months now. Luckily, the time that has elapsed since the articles I’m referencing have been written haven’t made this post any less relevant. Note that the Wired article I reference has since been updated by their editor due to a lot of reader feedback. […]


I came across a post (what blog, I can’t remember) about a collaborative duo called Sing Statistics. Here is the cover of their new book, We Are the Friction: The cover of their book immediately brought to mind one of my favorite contemporary designers, Nicolas Felton, who has a recognizable all-caps, stacked-type style to his […]

learnin’ somethin new every day

For the last 4 days I’ve been in Chicago for my company’s (Roundarch) annual summer event. Since my flight back to NYC wasn’t until Sunday, I decided to visit the the Art Institute of Chicago. Having not been there before I wanted to see how well their claim of ‘being one of the largest collections […]

it was worth it

from my email tonight: Searching forever to find Mac OSX cursor icons. Found’em on Combustion Chamber! Thanx. – Erica I. I said this post would have been worth it if I helped at least one person. It was. …These daily hits on that pages haven’t hurt either:


Bryan has some great new missiles up on his site, including this Scud: Humankind has a finite existence on the earth. In order for that existence to become indefinite, something that is no longer bound by the rules of our solar system, we must make a second home away from the comfortable confines of the […]

i tawt a taw a pooty tat

Just a reminder I’m on Twitter (been since ’07). It’s where I post exhaust that doesn’t warrant a full blog post. I guess you could consider them more like solid backfires that full exhaust streams. I usually make it worth my while, and yours.

it’s what I do

I’ve been addicted to photo booths since college. They’re not as common as they used to be so I’ve been able to keep my addiction under control. Then I met my wife, and found out she had the same addiction. UPDATE: If you’re wondering, I took these shots last week in San Francisco at the […]