Monthly Archives: September 2009

Apple innovating within print?

If they hadn’t done it with the iPhone, I might consider this post far-fetched: Steve Jobs said people don’t read any more. But Apple is talks with several media companies rooted in print, negotiating content for a “new device.” And they’re not just going for e-books and mags. They’re aiming to redefine print. Exciting times […]

Palm is finally thinking smart

From ReadWriteWeb: Yesterday, Palm released an update of the Pre software, webOS. While most of the reporting surrounding the new OS involved the important update which brings paid applications to the Pre’s App Catalog, another under-reported feature is actually just as (if not more) important. The Pre now lets you download over-the-air from Amazon’s MP3 […]

Red Hook

This past Sunday I hit Red Hook, Brooklyn with Bryan to shoot some photos. It was a success. I used my 85mm lenses and Bryan shot with a super wide angle so it’s great to see how much our shots differ. Check out my complete Red Hook set.

why not?

When I spotted this car I had to look around me and make sure I was indeed on the upper east side of Manhattan and not Collins Ave on South Beach.

Arial, ima let you finish, but…

I had to do it: UPDATE 18.09.2009 – After creating the image above, I went and posted it to my friend Dalematic‘s Facebook wall. I hadn’t anticipated what this action might start, but given Dalematic’s arsenal of design chops and knowledge, I should have. Dalematic’s response #1: The Combustion Chamber’s response #1: Dalematic’s response #2: […]

Human Experience for Google and Microsoft

Do Google and Microsoft understand what Human Experience is? Sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t. They’re both companies run by engineers, so that’s bound to happen. Google has launched Fast Flip and Microsoft has launched Visual Search – both of which are search-related tools. Both of which are confusing. Google Fast Flip Google explains […]

A24 Design Studio

Talk about simplicity with a grid. The website for A24 is absolutely beautiful. found via Navistd

Exploring Chicago

I was in Chicago a last month for Roundarch’s annual company event. Over the weekend I had no plans so I decided to explore the city. I texted my brother who, like me, lives in New York, but spent the summer in Chicago last year. I asked him, ‘What’s the equivalent to the East Village […]

iTunes – inconsistent window behaviors

I’ll definitely survive if they haven’t addressed this in Snow Leopard, but it’s something that has bothered me for a while now. In most applications within OS X, when you click on the green jellybean button in the top left hand side of the window, that window will maximize to the full width and height […]

louder and better with practice

It seems like every successful person I learn about now fits into the pattern that Malcolm Gladwell highlights in his book, Outliers, which is: timing + talent + insane amounts of practice = rich & successful It’s like when you buy a car, and then you see that model everywhere you go. I see the […]

iPhone owners aren’t New Year’s resolution gym members

I caught this story today: Customers Angered as iPhones Overload AT&T From the article: More than 20 million other smartphone users are on the AT&T network, but other phones do not drain the network the way the nine million iPhones users do. Indeed, that is why the howls of protest are more numerous in the […]