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From the Basement

From the Basement is a beautifully minimal site with amazing performance videos. I’m a sucker for the chick rockers (and any Jack White project for that matter), and this video of The Dead Weather is awesome. via Design You Trust

app stores for car

From the BMW blog (via PSFK): BMW is presenting its Concept BMW Application Store at the Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA). It is the world’s first carmaker to demonstrate the fundamental possibility of downloading and storing individual applications either from the car at any time on the move or from your PC at home. It means […]

Influence, part 7

influencer (photo credit Apple Store, grand opening 15 May 2001 influenced: Microsoft Store, grand opening 22 October, 2009

Too Fast a Company for Nokia

Fast Company, September 2009 Magazines don’t sell with ho-hum-average cover stories, but be careful what you write about, because sometimes those headlines end up looking ridiculous.

No Blitz

One of the earliest references to the phrase “riding shotgun” in print occurred in the 1905 book The Sunset Trail, by Alfred Henry Lewis[1] The expression was used to refer to riding as an armed guard in the front of a stagecoach, next to the driver (this would usually have been on the left, as […]

Microsoft mocks Apple

I was going to comment on this sad attempt at shit-talking, but a comment from the Gizmodo post sums it up: This is like that time I made fun of Leonardo DiCaprio for dating some really skanky supermodels.

Influence, part 5

*This post was sparked by this post on Creative Review. influencer: The Rock Drill, Jacob Epstein, 1913-14 influenced: Battle Droid, Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, 1999

Influence, part 4

influencer: Amazon Kindle 2.0, Feb 9, 2009 influenced: Barnes & Noble Nook, October 2009

Nokia still missing the mark

Om Malik on the Nokia N900: Like a great home run hitter who has lost his swing and is only one double away from getting his swing back, I think Nokia is a device or two from posing a strong challenge to its competitors. Nokia is looking more and more like the lumbering, day-late Microsoft […]

Innovation advice

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the most responsive to change -Charles Darwin