app stores for car

From the BMW blog (via PSFK):

BMW is presenting its Concept BMW Application Store at the Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA). It is the world’s first carmaker to demonstrate the fundamental possibility of downloading and storing individual applications either from the car at any time on the move or from your PC at home. It means that, as with a mobile phone, the car can be adapted to the needs and interests of its occupants for the first time, thus benefiting from almost limitless personalisation.

It is the logical evolution of mobile computing (mobile meaning movement and mobile meaning communication), but don’t think the iPhone couldn’t (or shouldn’t) be part of this ecosystem.
Instead of a laptop with iTunes + iPhone, it’s car with app store + iphone.

No Blitz

One of the earliest references to the phrase “riding shotgun” in print occurred in the 1905 book The Sunset Trail, by Alfred Henry Lewis[1] The expression was used to refer to riding as an armed guard in the front of a stagecoach, next to the driver (this would usually have been on the left, as stage drivers traditionally sat on the right, near the brake).

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Nokia still missing the mark

Om Malik on the Nokia N900:

Like a great home run hitter who has lost his swing and is only one double away from getting his swing back, I think Nokia is a device or two from posing a strong challenge to its competitors.

Nokia is looking more and more like the lumbering, day-late Microsoft with their products and that’s not just me who thinks that, it has more to do with their 20% loss in sales for Q3.