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The world is insane. And I love it.

I shot on a roll of Slide Film. Got it back this morning. Looks insanely clear. I have to shoot with it more now. Costs so much to develop though. The world is insane. And I love it. via ddo’s posterous

Why I tolerate AT&T service on my iPhone

Last week I got into an argument with my mother. She asked me why I take forever to return her calls and also why I hang up on her. She begged me to get another phone. And because she loves me and knows I love Apple, she even offered to buy stock in AAPL. First, […]

No Maybes

This is what’s wrong with our culture. There’s always an easy way out. This ‘Maybe’ option is inherent in the structure of Microsoft Outlook, not my iPhone calendar (I’m synced with my company’s Exchange server). I’d like Microsoft remove it as an option. Imagine you send out a meeting invite to 500 people, and 400 […]


Despite Microsoft’ recent attempting to improve fix their products and their product design through mimicking Apple’s retail stores as well as superficial interpretations of Apple’s operating system style, there’s just something soulless about everything Microsoft does. Somehow they manage to make whitespace feel like dead space. It’s the same feeling I get when I walk […]

2009 Pfizer Rebranding

Armin over at Brand New has a review of the Pfizer rebranding. Great points should always be repeated, and repeated, like this one: …you don’t push a $48 billion company to adopt a new logo just because designing new logos is fun. Instead, this is one of the most underrated challenges in the identity industry: […]


Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler. Albert Einstein

think beyond your labels

The word ‘blog’ carries a stigma with it for some people. It’s a cutesy word, sounds a bit childish. It’s one reason I call Daily Exhaust my online journal. Online journal is just as accurate as blog (if not more) and it carries more professionalism to it (The next step down from ‘blog’ would have […]

in the garage

Sorry folks, there’s plenty of exhaust that needs to leave Chamber, I’ve just been slammed with work these days. Stay tuned.