Monthly Archives: June 2010

Tumbler Mouse

This was the first thing that popped in my head when I saw my coworker Victor‘s mouse: I’m just waiting for a little Batman to bust out of the mouse on a little mouse wheel Bat Bike and drive across my keyboard.

Mr. Crack

NYTimes: The Evolution of the World Cup Ball My favorite? 1962’s “Mr. Crack”

Cisco means business, not consumer

Cisco plans an Android-based business tablet: …will offer multiple networking capabilities, keyboard and mouse support, and the ability to do videoconferencing. Cisco says it will cost less than $1,000, or about the same as an iPad. The Cius will come with a front-facing high-definition video camera that can record 720p video at 30 frames per […]

LinkedIn likes it, Mikey doesn’t

What’s going on with LinkedIn these days? Can someone tell me what value it brings to the site by allowing people to like and comment on alerts that your connections have updated their profiles? Are there seriously people out there with enough free time on their hands that after they’re done trolling through Facebook they […]


Today from Apple: Apple® today announced that it has sold over 1.7 million of its iPhone® 4 through Saturday, June 26, just three days after its launch on June 24. The new iPhone 4 features FaceTime®, which makes video calling as easy as one tap, and Apple’s new Retina display, the highest resolution display ever […]

no more Crowns and Towns

From the (via daringfireball) The Ford Crown Victoria served as the mainstay of taxi and police fleets. Its close cousin, the Lincoln Town Car, could reliably be found idling outside Lincoln Center or waiting to whisk a Wall Street type home for the evening. And: But in a little more than a year, both […]

Adobe and it’s Glory Days

Adobe has announced the Adobe Museum of Digital Media. From the blog of Stephen Gates: The mission of museum was stated as showcasing and preserving groundbreaking digital work and expert commentary to illustrate how digital media shapes and impacts today’s society. I find it interesting Adobe has decided to launch a digital museum at a […]

Appealing to consumers

from Windows Phone 7 apps will be able to send users information, news and offers from their favorite brands, effectively turning Microsoft’s next mobile operating system into an “ad-serving machine,” a representative said. Way to make consumers feel special, Microsoft.

Vonnegut’s advice to writers explained in some charts

From a lecture Kurt Vonnegut gave in NYC in 2005 called, “Here is a lesson in creative writing.” (via my brother): Now let me give you a marketing tip. The people who can afford to buy books and magazines and go to the movies don’t like to hear about people who are poor or sick, […]


From John Kricfalusi’s blog (aka John K, creator of Ren & Stimpy): Some people might wonder what the point is in copying the drawings of others. I’ll tell you. It’s so you can apply what you learned from the copies to your own drawings. It’s not just so you can be good at copying. I […]

Innovating from the Old(s)

During Apple’s WWDC 2010, Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone 4. As is customary at these events, he walked through all the details on phone – both hardware and software, inside and out. At one point in the presentation (about 33:15), Jobs pointed out breaks in the outer shell of the phone, something that seemed very […]