Monthly Archives: October 2010

noting and flipping

My wife bought me a Kindle when it first came out. While I’m an early adopter of new technologies, gadgets and services (or at the very least, keeping a close eye on the more intriguing ones), I wasn’t anxious to get one. I had the same beef with DRM on books as I did with […]

a remote, suburban cul-de-sac

Khoi Vihn on the tools Adobe is providing to create iPad magazine apps: In my personal opinion, Adobe is doing a tremendous disservice to the publishing industry by encouraging these ineptly literal translations of print publications into iPad apps. They’ve fostered a preoccupation with the sort of monolithic, overbearing apps represented by The New Yorker, […]

inspiration is for amateurs

The advice I like to give young artists, or really anybody who’ll listen to me, is not to wait around for inspiration. Inspiration is for amateurs; the rest of us just show up and get to work. If you wait around for the clouds to part and a bolt of lightning to strike you in […]

air traffic control to Google TV, you’re going to crash

Buzzfeed’s Jon Steinberg on Google TV: I tried Google TV yesterday. Flying a Cessna is easier and has fewer controls than the Sony remote Niiiiiiiiiice. Way to go there Google, with yer engineers, engineering up some complicated shit for non-techie consumers. Heard of design thinking? via Gizmodo

people, music, computers

Radiohead’s Colin Greenwood reflecting on In Rainbows, ahead of the release of their upcoming album: With In Rainbows, we were able to be the first people to digitally release our record, directly to people’s personal computers, at 7.30am GMT on 10 October 2007. I was having breakfast, and watched as the file appeared in my […]

Chris Bangle

BMWBlog has a segment from an documentary on former Head of Design at BMW Group Chris Bangle (via PSFK). Man, does he get it: I came from studios in General Motors and in Fiat, where they believed in high segregation. Their idea was if you want to treat things equally you keep them separate. […]

people, feelings, stories, and things

Paul Bennett at Bloomberg BusinessWeek keeps it real with his plee to brand and marketing gurus to drop the bullshit jardon: The hardest thing that marketers and brand managers have to do right now is simplify. Marketing and branding need to get back to first principles — people, feelings, stories, and things. Tangible things. Not […]

credit where it’s due?

I’ve noticed more people, whether in blog posts, trade publications or comment threads, being vocal with their frustration that Apple is taking/getting credit for inventing products and technologies. What’s important to understand is many (most?) of Apple’s products and technologies they’ve turned into innovations are bases on the inventions of others. Last week Apple announced […]

physical media?

TechCrunch reports Sony is stopping production of the (cassette) Walkman after 30 years. While they’re at it, Sony should stop making Blu-ray players too. Love it or hate it, but physical media is over. The signs are everywhere – Netflx is prepping for streaming-only in the US, and Apple is expanding it’s optical-driveless MacBook Air […]