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all in your mind

Ars Technica: Self-affirming essay boosts coeds’ physics skills For many years, there has been a persistent achievement gap between the performance of males and females in math and the sciences. It has become increasingly apparent, however, that the problem is cultural. The math gap seems to vanish in countries with higher degrees of gender equality, […]

He’s human.

Above is a shot of Steve Jobs at his desk at his home in 2004, from this series by Diane Walker (via Minimal Mac). I know there’s people of there who imagine billionaires and superstars like Steve Jobs in grand castles of marble and gold who are constantly getting jettisoned between continents in private jets. […]

Cold + Bold

A great presentation by Jonathan Harris on his work as an artist-programmer and his battle between life and code. Here’s a piece of a journal entry he wrote shortly after his MoMA show, I Want You To Want Me : I have to live to work. Thats what Hemingway used to say. His work was […]

Kickstarter: Disrupting With People

Kickstarter is blowing doors on monetization strategies this year and challenging traditional consumer and auction paradigms. News dropped today of Scott Wilson breaking Kickstarter’s funding record by raising over $275,000 for his iPod Nano watch enclosure. And he raised that money in one week. One. I first learned of Kickstarter from a post by Craig […]

What drives Max Levchin

GigaOM: In His Own Words: Max Levchin Levchin on what motivates him: At any given moment what makes me tick is some combination of desperate desire to remain relevant, the make things that people care about, probably some very strong competitive streak, where if I see a friend or a competitor or someone I know […]

If this isn’t nice, I don’t know what is

In one of his stand-up specials in the 80’s, George Carlin explained his problem with people who say have a nice day. Now all the pressure was on him to try to go out and have a nice day. Having a crappy day was easy, he said. You just get up. That’s the thing with […]

Photoshopping isn’t always a bad thing.

Say what you will about doctored photos being bad and not representing people, places and things as they really are, but I wouldn’t mind a retoucher spending a little time on this Lipton ad. That’s just foul. via Found In Mom’s Basement

The Priority Is Content

Content & Advertising. Those two are usually fighting in the media. While there’s plenty of examples of corralling each into their own space and co-habitation, Advertising is usually the one doing the bullying. We talk of the need for advertising to move beyond dis/interruption, but I’m not sure that’s possible. At best we can attain […]

Retina Display Font Oddity

I decided to turn on the Battery Percent display on my iPhone 4 a few weeks ago. It’s off by default. After I did this I notice what seemed to be irregular spacing/alignment on the numbers. It happens with most of number pairs. I thought it was misalignment, but on closer inspection, the numbers are […]

a grab bag of neglect, good intentions and poor execution

I can tell when someone is inspired. Matt Buchanan over at Gizmodo just wrote a scathing review on Samsung’s answer to Apple’s iPad – the Galaxy Tab. He’s sarcastic, and is obviously having fun reacting to the piss-poor quality of Samsung’s product. Could he be lying? Making up a bad review? Sure, but my money […]