Monthly Archives: December 2010

Confident and Terrified

I don’t know much about Richard Saul Wurman (the founder of the TED), but I was nosing through Warren Berger’s site and found a post with some great quotes. On confident and terrified: I am both confident and terrified all the time. These are two emotions you’re not supposed to have. If you’re terrified, you’re […]

design = emotion

John Gruber weighs in on the iPhone-versus-Android debate updates that have happened over the holiday. He touches on key points including the ‘race to the bottom’ on the cost of Android phones, how this isn’t ‘1995 all over again’ and the role emotion plays in Apple products to name a few. I love this piece […]

Photo Editing

Before and after using Instagram Photo editing, photo retouching, photo enhancement, photo manipulation – all of these terms are correct, depending on the objectives of the individual or group publishing the photos. The truth is, since Louis Jacques Daguerre developed the photographic process in 1836, photo editing has existing. There are proponents and opponents of […]

a block of wood under the brakes

Given how many double-shot lattes I drink, I should know more about how caffeine works. Lifehacker discusses the book, Buzz: The Science and Lore of Alcohol and Caffeine: More important than just fitting in, though, caffeine actually binds to those receptors in efficient fashion, but doesn’t activate them–they’re plugged up by caffeine’s unique shape and […]

The Home Button Is Fine

Aza Raskin recently wrote about an observation on iPhone users: If you sit and watch people use an iPhone there’s a mistake made often and reliably: They hit the home button when they mean to just go back to the app’s main screen. Going home has heavy consequences–to recover you’ve got to find that app […]

Design is Systems, Not Things

When you buy a house, you’re not just buying a thing with a roof, your moving into a community and if you’re smart, you take everything into account – schools, environmental aesthetics, people, distance from your job, price, safety, activities. The same can be said for people who use iTunes. They’re not just buying media […]

Keep It Local

Proponents of cloud computing tell us we’ll never have to worry about the integrity and location of our files, cause, like they’re in The Cloud. The problem is, once we surrender all responsibility of our data to remote servers we open the door to relinquishing ourselves of any ownership and privacy over our data. Sure […]

No Portfolio? No Excuses.

So you’re an unemployed designer or maybe you’re lucky enough to have just graduated into this wonderful economy we’re in. Whatever your situation, there’s no excuse for not having a portfolio with fresh work. No clients? Make them up. Always wanted to make a poster for TRON? Do it. Think you have a better UI […]


As much as I claim to love cars, there’s still a lot I don’t know about them. I’ve just discovered Gruppo Bertone – the name behind some of the most beautifully styled cars in history. The car that stands out the most in Bertone’s portfolio is the Lamborghini Muira designed by Marcello Gandini. The Miura […]