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When the iPad was announced in April of 2010, the jokes didn’t stop. Of all the great names to use — “Slate”, “Canvas” (via Daring Fireball), hell even plain “Tablet” is good — I find it amusing how many other “Pads” are on the market now: MSI WindPad Viewsonic ViewPad HP TouchPad LG Optimus Pad […]

The Death Of The Expert

The Awl: Wikipedia And The Death Of The Expert Experts, geniuses, authorities, “authors”–we were taught to believe that these should be questioned, but until now have not often been given a way to do so, to seek out and test for ourselves the exact means by which they reached their conclusions. So long as we […]

Trying To Create A Great Product

Interesting piece at the NYTimes on how GroupOn distinguishes itself from on the copycats that are cropping up in the hundreds: Any Web site can offer a daily deal, and in the wake of Groupon’s success just about everyone is. There are hundreds of knock-offs and imitators, some of them trying to undercut the original […]

I always try to create danger.

NYTimes: Lionel Messi: Boy Genius Tall and lean, Busquets jogged languidly from the circle into the space between Madrid’s central midfield and defense. Messi’s return pass was sharp and direct. Busquets received the ball, pivoted and tapped it lightly. What seemed unthreatening a few seconds earlier now became a menacing give-and-go. “I saw some options,” […]

The press love to instigate some fights

ComputerWorld: Amazon challenges Apple with Mac app download store Amazon today launched a Mac-specific application download store that will compete with Apple’s nearly five-month-old Mac App Store. The new subsection of Amazon’s massive online store, dubbed “Mac Software Downloads,” kicked off quietly Thursday. Amazon has long offered software downloads for both Windows and Mac customers, […]


1967 Oldsmobile Toronado by Precision Restorations, so lovely . . . both sides: via Carscoop

Doing Just Fine

Jason Oberholtzer defends his Lost Generation over at Forbes: I reject any notion that my generation is afraid. However, I think it is fair to suggest that a generally mistrustful view of adulthood has become more common, and for defensible reasons. One can make a case-by-case argument that every institution we have been taught to […]


Electronista: Acer stalls 7-inch tablet after realizing UI is too small Acer’s decision to delay the Iconia Tab A100 may have come from learning a hard lesson from Apple, sources hinted Wednesday. The tablet was moving from its June target to either August or September as Acer had discovered that Android 3, an OS designed […]

Downward Spiral

NYTimes: As Lenders Hold Homes in Foreclosure, Sales Are Hurt Over all, economists project that it would take about three years for lenders to sell their backlog of foreclosed homes. As a result, home values nationally could fall 5 percent by the end of 2011, according to Moody’s, and rise only modestly over the following […]