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Collecting More Than They Spend

MacNN: Apple has more cash on hand than the U.S. government As pointed out by several publications, as of yesterday Apple — the world’s most valuable technology company — has more cash and marketable securities on hand than the federal government does, according to the U.S. Treasury’s own daily statement. At the end of June, […]

Death Don’t Have No Mercy

Reverend Gary Davis was mentioned during the documentary, It Might Get Loud. The blues he sings is about as real as the blues gets. Hear for yourself.


Umair Haque: The New Road to Serfdom Welcome to the new road to serfdom. Here’s how I’d put it. Far from innovating our institutions in this time of historic, sweeping global economic crisis and social fracture, the very opposite seems to be happening–our institutions are diminishing, regressing, devolving, sliding back tens or hundreds of years […]

Manage the temptation of publishing yourself.

I came across a refreshing talk to the students of Berklee College of Music by John Mayer. While I’m not a musician and not all of his advice is relevant to me, what he said was great and can be useful to people in other artistic endeavors. We read a lot about the importance of […]


I like the dig at Facebook on the Settings page of Google Plus:

Golden Rules

Shneiderman’s Eight Golden Rules of Interface Design: 1. Strive for consistency. 2. Enable frequent users to use shortcuts. 3. Offer informative feedback. 4. Design dialog to yield closure. 5. Offer simple error handling. 6. Permit easy reversal of actions. 7. Support internal locus of control. 8. Reduce short-term memory load.


Co.Design: Among Six Types Of Failure, Only A Few Help You Innovate Most of the time, I’m in complete agreement with this sensibility, but what concerns me is that in this counterintuitive embrace of failure we may be conflating different kinds of failure, and doing so at some risk. Perhaps all this is a necessary […]

All Too Familiar

Wishingful Thinking gives us 10 Ways the Workplace Crushes Creativity. One study found that office distractions eat an average 2.1 hours a day. Another study, published in October 2005, found that employees spent an average of 11 minutes on a project before being distracted. After an interruption it takes them 25 minutes to return to […]

Become A Fan

Made me laugh for a good five minutes. via Rocketboom

We want things to work out.

Great review of a great film over at A Bright Wall In A Dark Room: Which is why a film like Blue Valentine is so tough to watch. Hollywood, long complicit in the fueling of many millions of happily-ever-after dreams, here slaps us in our collective face: it gives us the whole story. The beginning […]

What Really Matters

Steven Johnson talks about moving from New York to San Francisco: But the other reason for the move, in truth, is that I’ve come to think that this kind of change is intrinsically good in itself, wherever you happen to move. An old friend who did a similar westward migration a few years ago told […]