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Eye Opener

This post by Nick Farina (via Daring Fireball) was a huge eye-opener for me on Android. He breaks down all the differences between Android and iOS, from dev environment to debugging to UI design tools, but the section on Animation was what slapped me in the face. How Android deals with interactions (emphasis added): If […]


On the 12th of August, the IBM PC turned 30 (via). I remember when my father bought our family an IBM PC when it came out that year. My father told my mother and me this was the future. My mother was skeptical about the $3,000 machine. I remember him spending entire weekends transferring and […]

iPad – Passing Fad

AppleInsider: Acer suffers first-ever quarterly loss, predicts iPad ‘fever’ will recede Acer Chairman J.T. Wang chalked up his company’s poor second-quarter performance as a “correction period,” according to Reuters. His company has seen numerous struggles since the launch of Apple’s iPad, which has cut into the sales of low-cost, low-power netbooks. Wang reportedly added that […]

The TouchPad – The Sleeper Hit That Never Was

NYTimes: Sell Big or Die Fast These days, big technology companies — particularly those in the hypercompetitive smartphone and tablet industries — are starting to resemble Hollywood film studios. Every release needs to be a blockbuster, and the only measure of success is the opening-weekend gross. There is little to no room for the sleeper […]

Apple’s 10 Years of Retail Experience

9to5Mac: Apple ranks #1 in retail sales per square foot among U.S. retailers Apple is in first place with $5,626 per square foot. Tiffany’s? Second place with $2,974 and a set of sterling silver steak knives.

Getting Out of the Truck Business

Ars Technica: HP to follow IBM, ditch its PC business Hewlett-Packard is scheduled to hold its third quarter earnings call later this afternoon, but if a report from Bloomberg is to believed, dollars will be the least interesting topic of the call. Bloomberg is saying that multiple sources are indicating that HP will spin off […]

The HP TouchPad

I’m not going to write an enormous review of the TouchPad, A good handful of reviews have been written already, covering all the bases. What I do want to do is briefly give give a short list of observations. Please take into account this is coming from someone who’s owned multiple iPhones for 3 years […]

Fairies in Ferngully

Ghost Face Reviews Watch The Throne (via Whatevs): Liftoff (Feat. Beyonce): This shit sounds like the anthem the fairies in Ferngully would use to go to war against evil humans to or some shit b. This shit is like Shia LeBeouf in song form yo … Shit sounds like niggas doin aerobics on a magical […]

Tight Integration

Here’s a great piece by MG Siegler on Google’s acquisition of Motorola Mobilility. This is my favorite chunk regarding design: Here’s another, more straight-forward scenario for you. What happens when the iPhone 5 launches and everyone wants it? That includes many people currently using Android phones. After a few months of this, Google grows frustrated […]

Social Skills and Passion

Over at GQ, Julieanne Smolinski has some advice on how nerds can avoid ‘creeping out’ the opposite sex. Yes. Nerds are sexy. Yes. We get it. Yes. Nerd girls are hot. Nerd men are hot. People with cassette fetishes and basement museums now get book deals and “This American Life” episodes instead of swirlies. The […]

Bad Restaurant Sites

Slate asks. Why are restaurant websites so horrifically bad? While lots of people have noted the general terribleness of restaurant sites, I haven’t ever seen an explanation for why this industry’s online presence is so singularly bruising. The rest of the Web long ago did away with auto-playing music, Flash buttons and menus, and elaborate […]

Modern art is a disaster area.

The thing I hate the most about advertising is that it attracts all the bright, creative and ambitious young people, leaving us mainly with the slow and self-obsessed to become our artists.. Modern art is a disaster area. Never in the field of human history has so much been used by so many to say […]