Monthly Archives: October 2011

Good Design Is Efficient

Fortune shows us just how much more productive Apple is than the rest of the tech industry: In the quarter that ended in September — not its best, mind you — the company generated sales of $28.3 billion and net income of $6.62 billion, or nearly $110,000 profit per employee. Yes, Apple’s products are great, […]

It Should Know

When I come across links I want to comment on and post to this site, sometimes I’ll email them to myself from my iPhone. It’s not the most elegant process, but it’s simple and it works. The problem comes when I open said link on my laptop. This is what I see. I was listening […]


This is why I always wait to buy my latest gadgets, even from Apple: Today, my iPhone died after about 8 hours–not even enough to get me through a full day without recharging (and this is typical). This was not 8 hours of constant use (unless you count the constant pinging of notifications, which may […]

Double Exhaust

I’d like to welcome my good friend Jory Kruspe to Daily Exhaust. He’ll be contributing posts on design, film, music … who knows! What I do know is he’s a passionate designer and he’ll be bringing a unique perspective to this site.

Cheap Poop

Electronista says the price-slashing of the Blackberry Playbook in the UK is still not helping sales. I’m confused. Does poop not sell, even at a cheaper price?

Microsoft Has Great Vision

So Microsoft has decided to thrill us with another future vision video. They want to show us what the future is like. Again. I wrote about this in 2009 when they released their future vision piece for 2019. Everything I said then applies now. This is why it’s taken so long to get their new […]

Steve’s Plates

I always wondered how Steve Jobs remained above the law with his license plateless Mercedes. iTWire has the story: Steve (or someone close to him) spotted a loophole in the California vehicle laws. Anyone with a brand new car had a maximum of six months to affix the issued number plate to the vehicle. So […]

The Yukon In Your Brain

My brother Mark has great nuggets of culture and imagery over at his site, Twurts & Geekery. I especially liked this quote he dug up: I find it quite fucked up that the most outlandish thoughts can pay for your existence. The most bizarre thoughts you may have had in 1994 on an Ecstasy tab […]

Primitive Internet

From the Boston Globe: On Oct. 24, 1861, with the push of a button, California’s chief justice, Stephen J. Field, wired a message from San Francisco to President Abraham Lincoln in Washington, congratulating him on the transcontinental telegraph’s completion that day. He added the wish that it would be a “means of strengthening the attachment […]

Sun and iClouds

Katie Fehrenbacher for GigaOM reports that Apple is building a solar farm for it’s data center: Apple has been laying plans for a solar farm next to its massive data center in Maiden, North Carolina, according to The Charlotte Observer. The solar project — dubbed Project Dolphin Solar Farm — will reportedly be built on […]

I don’t know where your keys are, Grandpa.

Terrence O’Brien for Engadget on the retirement of Windows XP, or lack thereof: It’s hard to believe that it was ten years ago today that Windows XP first hit retail shelves. It’s even more astonishing when you realize that it was still the most popular operating system in the world until the beginning of this […]

iCloud – At Least the Foundation Is Solid

Dave Caolo vents about iCloud in iOS 5 (via The Loop): iCloud’s Photo Stream feature is handy, in that it pushes photos shot with a compatible iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to Apple’s servers and then back to other authorized devices. Meanwhile, iOS 5 has tweeting built in, so there’s a temptation to shoot photo […]