Monthly Archives: November 2011

Insult to Injury

It’s bad enough your email application-less tablet is selling so poorly you have to give it multiple price slashes, but then developers jailbreak it and call it Dingleberry.


via Still Life (image source Technabob)


If anyone needs ideas of what to get me for Christmas the Autodromo is a great place to start. A watch that redlines? Are you serious?!

Dodge Coronet

I’ve been in San Francisco the last week and one of the great things about this town is all the classic car porn on the streets. We don’t have a fraction of these classics in New York. Below is a Dodge Coronet I found and started shooting with my iPhone. The owner saw me from […]

I’m Tired Of Writing About Apple

I’m not a sports guy. I love going to live games in big stadiums but following football, baseball and basketball on a day-to-day basis is not my bag. My sports are technology and design and Apple is my team. I love when they win. Apple wins when they create awesome products I love to use, […]

Protect the Brand

Frank Bruni of the New York Times weighed in this weekend on another arena of American life where form has overtaken substance. From the article: Is all of this hot air [disingenuous political ads, quote mining, etc.] part of a broader climate of unprincipled hucksterism? As a country we’ve shifted emphasis from goods to services, […]

Do You Like Me?

It’s not every day you see Fugazi featured on the homepage of From the article: Less known was that the band fastidiously recorded almost every concert. After letting audio tapes for more than 800 shows languish in a closet for years, Fugazi has begun putting them all on its Web site, with the first […]