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Over at GigaOM, Michael Wolf says 2012 will be the year the artist-entrepreneur. Headlines look great with declaratives in them, but the truth is artist-entrepreneurs have been doing quite well for a whille now. In 2007 Radiohead circumvented the middle men and told people to pay what they want for their album, In Rainbows, directly […]

holy shnikes, stephen!

What must it be like for a suicide coming down from a high ledge? I’m sure it must be a very sane feeling. That’s probably why they scream all the way down. via Rage


I love as more and more details and clues are leaked regarding Apple’s future product plans, things become so obvious to these brilliant, insightful analysts. Shaw Wu of Sterne Agee talks about Apple’s (supposed) entry into the television market (via Frankly, we are not surprised and believe AAPL should enter the TV space as […]

xmas loot

This year for xmas, I got a Holga lens for my Canon SLR. It’s a great toy. I’ve been playing with it ever since I got it. There’s nothing like slapping 25 bucks worth of lens on a thousand dollar camera. All images via my flickr stream

Paid To Be Good

Despite the thoughtful and elegant design of the new Windows Phone OS, it seems Microsoft is having trouble getting developers to design and build quality applications. In response to this, Microsoft Canada has launched the Developer Movement, which gives away prizes for each quality application a developer makes. I don’t think Apple ever had to […]

I Will

Over the holiday weekend, we were talking with my dad about his army days, and he busted out his Signal Corps ID card. He was an electronics instructor (at age 17) and the back of the card listed the ‘Instructor’s Motto’: I will always realize that everything I say and do influences other soldiers. I […]

Reverse In Motion

David Pogue imagines a world where car companies operated like tech companies: Here at the annual Consumer Electronic Automotive Show, the largest trade show in the world, the carheads have again made their annual pilgrimage to see what new breakthrough vehicles will be finding their way into American garages in the new year. Axxle, the […]

Converting Brilliance

This quote is from In The Plex by Steven Levy (via Sci-Fi Hi-Fi via Daring Fireball) Google products are machine-driven. They’re created by machines. And that is what makes us powerful. That’s what makes our products great. This kind of quote is to be expected from a company run by engineers. The problem isn’t that […]

Charts Are Awesome

Ezra Klein over at the Washington Post has compiled a slideshow of charts made by economists that illustrate the economic woes facing the country. These charts are ugly as hell, from a strictly aesthetic standpoint, but they are beautiful in the concise way they present information. Unfortunately, the content of the information is quite frightening. […]

Rainbow Steve

Susan Kare created this image, but I needed a bigger version to post, so I made one. It’s crazy, because it does look like the post-hippie Steve.