Foxconn & Apple

By Michael Mulvey on February 27, 2012 9:39 AM

Mike Daisy reacts to David Pogue's response to ABC's Dateline special on the Foxconn factory producing Apple's iPads:

You can't get "informed consent" in a country without real personal freedom. These arguments are pathetic--they're structurally nearly identical to the ones made in the 19th century justifying slavery. The fact that workers take these jobs because they feel they have no economic, social, or political choice, and this is the only path, is not an endorsement of the current system--it's actually a condemnation.

It is cute how he makes a point of noting that there are no payroll taxes on your $2 an hour.

Do you think Mr. Pogue verified that, or that he's spent any time digging through Foxconn's history of deceptive paying practices--like how it pretended that it raised employee salaries 30% in 2010 by simply moving money around?

No, I don't think he did, either.

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