Monthly Archives: March 2012

Feltron 2010-11

Exciting stuff. Just received an email from Nicholas Felton giving word his 2010-11 Biennial Report is being pressed and printed. Here’s a photo of a die strike via his Flickr feed:

Left Coast

Well, I’m now a resident of California. And my turtle I’ve had since I was 13 years old also made it in once piece via UPS (Don’t worry, animal rights people, I followed these careful instructions on how to ship a turtle.). For the next few days I’ll be daily exhausting from the W Hotel […]

Goodbye, Dirty Boulevard*

After 12 great years living in New York City I’m moving out. Tomorrow morning I, my wife, and my dog get on a plane and head to our new home in Los Angeles. Thank you, New York. Thank you for giving me my Dad, who was born in Brooklyn and raised in Middle Village, Queens. […]

Vacuum Tubes

Samsung announces a speaker dock with vacuum tubes. So awesome and going right to my gadgets board on Pinterest (No, Pinterest is not just for moms).

Hostile & Lazy

Jim Darymple reacting to my plea for publishers to not make iPad magazines with giant PNGs for pages: Magazine publishers that use giant PNG images just don’t give a shit about their customers. Not only do publishers not care, but they’re just being plain lazy. The iPad is an opportunity for publishers to create truly […]

Stop Making iPad Magazines Big-Ass Images

FishbowlNY: Magazines Look Terrible on The New iPad Over the past several days, complaints about how bad magazines look on the iPad have been rolling in. The reason, according to Mashable, is that the older magazine apps simply weren’t built to handle the new iPad’s high resolution “retina display,” so everything looks blurry. How about […]


NYTimes: Hello, Cruel World 17% of our sample of Drew University’s Class of 2011 is unemployed. 39% have full-time jobs, including six who have both full- and part-time jobs. 35% of students who are employed part time have two or more jobs. 74% of students who are interning are unpaid. 22% of students are in […]


MacRumors reports Samsung’s VP for Design is offended by Apple’s allegations of copying. Well, I’m offended at Samsung’s VP for Design being offended. Remember Asia is where they embrace Shanzai. Shanzhai (Chinese: ±±ÂØ®; pinyin: shƒÅnzh√†i; alternatively spelt shanzai or shan zhai) refers to Chinese imitation and pirated brands and goods, particularly electronics. Literally “mountain village” […]

Easy As Pie

From Electronista: HP’s 2012 shareholder meeting on Wednesday saw Apple become a centerpiece of its conversation. During the question and answer session, most questions centered around why HP was not more like its fellow Southern Bay Area counterpart, which had a tenfold larger market worth even though it spent less on research and development. When […]

Analog or Digital

While we’re on the topic, this was recommended to me via Twitter from @JoshuaTheory. Fun track. Feliz Viernes.

Digital vs Analogue

This is awesome and nuts. Jason Bognacki hacked a 1920’s folding camera onto his Canon 5D: The resulting photos from his mutant camera are incredible. via Laughing Squid