Monthly Archives: June 2012

Air Over Oxygen

My flight back from Chicago was delayed this past Thursday because “the plane was too hot.” It was 100 degrees in Chicago and one of the cooling units in the plane broke and cabin was too hot to board. Over an hour past the original boarding time we finally got to our seats, and not […]

Less Patents?

Electronista: Apple drops iOS interface patent to speed Samsung trial There are some new developments in the Apple versus Samsung “data tapping” patent battle. In a surprise move, Northern District of California Federal Appeals Court Judge Lucy Koh granted a preliminary sales injunction against Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet late today. Additionally, Apple has dropped […]

Not Necessary

Speaking of successful companies, if you want a good laugh, go view the source code to Berkshire Hathaway’s website. Goes to show you don’t need a great site to be a billionaire. Seriously, that code is straight from 1996.

A Curse

I could quote Michael Lopp’s whole post, go and read the whole thing at his site: If your goal is this solo win, if you have achieved everything that you want to achieve with this hit, here’s to you – the first round is on me. If you goal is growth, if you want to […]


Louis C.K. taking the power back by selling tickets for his new tour on his website: All tickets will be $45, with C.K. reserving the right to cancel a ticket in exchange for a refund if the ticketholder attempts to sell the ticket for “anything above the original price.” “Making my shows affordable has always […]

Six Months

Randy Murray believes in waiting six months before buying new technology. Good advice. I’ve been doing it since the first iPhone launched.

Lone Star

Based on the reviews in the App Store and the talk on Twitter, it looks like there’s a lot of people who agree with Bryan’s post from last week on the (updated) Kindle app reading experience. If enough people make enough noise, things can change. My money is on Amazon un-sucking their iPad app because […]


A conversation I was envisioning at Microsoft: Bill: “Guysguysguys! I have an idea. You know how Apple is having all this success with their iPad?” Bob: “Yeah?” Bill: “Well. I was thinking. The iPad is great and all, but it’s missing something.” Bob: “Missing something?” Bill: “Yeah, I mean the multitouch display is great and […]


The ever-insightful Horace Dediu on Apple’s retail stores: Which brings up an obvious question: Why did Apple triple employment at each store? One could answer that many of the newer stores are bigger, so-called flagship stores. But the vast majority of stores are in mall locations which are of limited size. Flagship stores alone cannot […]

Missing the Point

Guy English on the when and why of Microsoft’s Surface announcement: There’s many pieces arguing that Microsoft hurt themselves by not specifying things like screen size (in pixels and DPI), battery life, and price point. They’re all missing the point of the announcement. Microsoft introduced the Surface this week, hastily, in order to dodge anything […]