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“MapQuest It”

There was a time I can remember when the common term for mapping a route on the computer was to “MapQuest it.” I’m talking about the mid 1990’s until a few years after Google Maps came out in 2005. At some point after Google Maps had been around the ‘switch’ happened, and everyone started to […]

Asymetric Horses

I’ve added new rewards to my Kickstarter project, Faster Horses. There’s now a third poster design set I’m calling ‘Asymmetric.’

Watch It Again

People wonder how I know every line from some movies. It’s because I’ve watched them over and over and over again. To me, a great movie is the same as a great music album. My question is, why would you not want to watch a great movie again? via parislemon

Weber-Fechner Law

Seth Godin brings our attention to the Weber-Fechner law: The more stimulus you’re getting (light, sound, pressure, delight, sadness) the less easily you can notice a small change. That seems obvious, but it’s worth saying. If you’re entering a market filled with loudness, it’s harder to be noticed, even if the incremental benefit you offer […]


Joshua Irish practices the same philosophy of iPhone cases as I do—he goes naked. At my desk next to me sits a 1.5-year-old iPhone 4. I have not had a case since I bought it. It’s been dropped a bunch of times, it has some scratches, but it still works and looks great. I wrote […]


I’ve wondered if Windows 8 and the Microsoft Surface are half-baked. Now I’m wondering if they’ve even been put in the oven. People are seduced by Apple’s products, partly because they can touch them. I’m not sure Microsoft knows seduction.


via thisisnthappiness via Coudal


Back in March 2007 I shut down my MySpace account. It was the end of a social media era for me and a lot of other people too. A year earlier I had joined Facebook and it was clear Facebook had a much better understanding and social media than MySpace did. As everyone has seen, […]


Influencer: Swiss Railway Clock, designed by Hans Hilfiker, 1944 Influenced: Apple World Clock (iPad), introduced with iOS6, September 19, 2012

Macintosh, mackintosh, McIntosh

From Grammarist: A Macintosh (now usually just Mac) is one of a series of computers made by the Apple company. A mackintosh is a style of waterproof raincoat invented in the 1820s by Charles Macintosh (the k was added to the raincoat name almost immediately). A McIntosh is a type of red apple grown primarily […]