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Looks like Mercedes-Benz has a new website up. Standing out to me are new links in the main navigation for Innovation and Design.


Interesting digital display on the 2013 Corvette. via CarScoop


From Kevin C. Tofel over at GigaOm: Microsoft Surface with Windows 8 Pro: $899 in January Now that Microsoft’s Surface with Windows RT has launched, the company is sharing details about the more powerful tablet known as Microsoft Surface with Windows 8 Pro. The device, available in January 2013, will cost $899 for a 64 […]


This new Verizon/Windows Phone commercial is pointless. The whole point of bringing technologies and devices into our lives so they can help us solve problems or make things that were once difficult to do, easy to do. In this commercial, Microsoft is showing broken and cumbersome technologies surrounding us, then it shows how Windows Phone […]


MacNN: Apple internal video shows thinking behind stores This bit is the key: The approach appears to be very successful, and under Johnson’s watch the chain became the most profitable per-square-foot retail chain the world, even surpassing high-margin jewelry and apparel chains. Retail imitators like Sony, Microsoft and in particular Samsung have tried to mimic […]


It was a truly black Friday for Microsoft last week. As in devoid of the light from Surface screens. Over at Fortune 2.0, Philip Elmer-DeWitt reports Apple sold 11 iPads per hour versus zero Microsoft Surface tablets at the Mall of America in Minneapolis. Microsoft continues to show its DNA as a company knowing how […]

Ad Copy

Influencer: VW Beetle ad, 1960 by Doyle Dane Bernbach Influenced: Toyota Land Cruiser ad, 1970 Land Cruiser ad via Le Container