Monthly Archives: December 2012

Responsive Exhaust

Over the last few days I’ve been updating the pages of this site to be responsive. Whether you’re viewing it on a laptop, tablet or smartphone, the text and images should adjust in scale for optimal reading. The starting point for the design was taken from 37Signals recently redesigned company blog(embrace the remix). I feel […]

Ah, Technology…

It’s a good day to be a New Yorker. A beta version of MTA Subway Time hit the app store today. For years, the MTA has been slowly, oh ever so slowly, installing countdown clocks in stations to let riders know when the next train is arriving. It’s not a perfect system, but nothing about […]

Know The Rules, Then Break Them

TheNextWeb: Google Finds Its Design Voice On iOS: The string of well designed, if not exactly perfect, app updates continued. In no particular order, YouTube, Chrome, Google Search, YouTube Capture and of course, Google Maps all displayed a much surer design hand on Apple’s platform. They obeyed the right conventions for things like the back […]

Privacy Is Overrated

America, home of the free[ly monitored]: The federal government will continue to access Americans’ emails without a warrant, after the U.S. Senate dropped a key amendment to legislation now headed to the White House for approval. What bullshit.

Tools + Showcase

So Adobe bought Behance. It will be interesting to see how this acquisition goes. It tastes a little bit like Comcast’s acquisition of NBCU, where the pipeline bought the content. In the case of Adobe, they make the content creation tools and now they’re buying the showcase holding the creations made with their tools. I […]


Speaking of Notification Center in iOS, Alex Saretzky has some interesting ideas. The point isn’t if they’re perfect. The point is to at least start thinking about how Notification Center can be improved. And it can be. You can’t know if an idea is good or shitty until you execute it, so points to Saretzky […]

Keeping Up With The Kids

I think it’s funny and amazing to see Facebook’s new Poke app tanking in popularity in the Apple’s App Store. At the tender age of 28, Mark Zuckerberg is already finding himself keeping up with what’s popular with the kids. Not too long ago, he was one of those kids, coding up thefacebook in his […]

Golden Network

My wife and I are staying at a friend’s apartment on 8th Street and Avenue B in Manhattan for the next few days while she’s in Ireland. While signing onto her Wifi network, I couldn’t help but read the names of the other networks in the neighborhood, particularly the fifth one down: I love you […]


Being home with my parents for the holidays reminds me to thank all customer support people troubleshooting and explaining the details of technology to all the parents and grandparents in the world. I know it can be hard. Explaining things like: —the differences between cookies and cache —the differences between a web browser and Google […]


Nilay Patel on Instagram’s terms of service reversal: Last night Instagram announced that it was retracting a controversial terms of service change that was widely and inaccurately interpreted to mean that the company would be selling user photos. “Because of the feedback we have heard from you, we are reverting this advertising section to the […]

Paring Back

The recent uproar over Instagram’s terms of service changes got me thinking about paring back where I post my content around the web. I’m not upset about the direction Instagram is going. Maybe a little upset, but they are a company who offers a mobile photo sharing application for free, so this move should be […]