Monthly Archives: July 2013

Don’t Forget About the Flipside

BGR asks, Does Nokia have a backup plan if its bet on camera quality falls through? My question is, does the Lumia 1020 have equally amazing camera software for their camera hardware? The interplay of software and hardware is how one fully experiences a device. It’s like bragging about a car with 800 horsepower that […]

Link Dump 30.07.13

If I keep letting all these saved links pile up, my computer will most definitely burst. Some of these have been sitting around a while, sorry if you’ve seen them already. The Car Crush – “I believe there is a car crush waiting out there for everyone, and if I’m doing my job then you […]


Omnicom and Publicis are joining to form Omega Supreme. Damn.

The Theme Song Is Everything

John Williams is confirmed to score the seventh Star Wars movie. It’s impossible to think of my childhood and not think about John Williams. He scored the theme songs for two of my favorite movies as a kid, Star Wars and Superman. He also scored: Jaws, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Raiders of the […]

Reminds Me of Something I Did

AMC has launched #MadMenMotto on Facebook. It features quotes from the series on red, white and black backgrounds. It’s a great idea. I love it. I did something similar a few years ago on Tumblr, except I superimposed quotes on screenshots of the scene I pulled them from: I’d love to pick up where I […]

This Is Now

Welcome to today’s world, where you can use Über to hail a cab where ever you are in a city, computers come in a tablet form factor and you can buy the original Schindler’s list for $3,000,000 on eBay. Huh? via Open Culture


Hardware/software specs aside, I’m not feeling the proportions of the new Nexus 7. The fat ends compared to the thin edges? It just doesn’t look right.

Grown In The Garden?

Apparently there’s a New Jersey Hall of Fame. A quick Google search reveals this doesn’t seem to be a standardized award across all 50 states. According to the regulations, all you need to get nominated is to either have been born in New Jersey and/or lived here a minimum of five years. Lived in Jerz […]

A Public Service

You’ve probably been thinking lately, “Gee, I wonder how that Schwarzenegger movie The Last Stand was?” Fear not, because contributing DE writer Bryan Larrick is on the job: Going in to The Last Stand, a viewer could expect the film to be a throwback to Arnold’s work from thirty years ago, and while it is […]