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Loss Aversion

—Billy Beane, Moneyball …and you know about loss aversion, even if you don’t know the term.

Coffee Is For Closers

From the Verge: Intel promised to unveil an internet TV service by the end of 2013, but with just months to go, the project’s prospects may be floundering. According to All Things D, Intel needs additional funding to keep the project going. It’s reportedly spoken with both Amazon and Samsung about the possibility of them […]

Give ‘Em Some Time

BGR: Samsung exec reportedly admits Galaxy Gear smartwatch ‘lacks something special’ The last thing you want to do when entering a new product category for the first time is launch something that isn’t your best effort. According to a report from The Korea Times, however, a Samsung executive may have admitted that the company is […]

Wealth Inequality

The wealth inequality in the US goes beyond being a Democrat or a Republican. This is not an equal playing field. via Upworthy

That’s a Big Twinkie

Eric Chemi at Bloomberg Businessweek puts things into perspective for the iPhone haters: If [the iPhone] were its own company in the Standard & Poor’s 500-stock index, IPhone Inc. would outsell 474 of those companies–ranking between Wells Fargo (WFC) ($90.5 billion) and Marathon Petroleum (MPC) ($84.9 billion). The iPhone’s $88.4 billion in annualized revenue tops […]


Bill Gates on the legendary Control-Alt-Delete: Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has finally admitted that forcing users to press the Control-Alt-Delete key combination to log into a PC was a mistake. In an interview at a Harvard fundraising campaign, Gates discusses his early days building Microsoft and the all-important Control-Alt-Delete decision. If you’ve used an old […]


— seen in Kurt Vonnegut’s Timequake, but thanks goes to sharp-eyed reader Patricia Miller, who correctly attributed these lines to Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart.

Find Another Analogy

Ballmer’s thoughts on Microsoft’s inability to gain significant market share with Windows Phone: Speaking at Microsoft’s financial analysts meeting today, CEO Steve Ballmer was refreshingly realistic about the company’s struggles in smartphones and tablets. “Mobile devices. We have almost no share,” he admitted on stage, before noting he didn’t know whether to be enthusiastic over […]

Write ‘Em Off

From Daniel Eran Dilger at Apple Insider: It turns out that while the tech media spent most of 2013 complaining that Apple “wasn’t innovating,” Apple was secretly developing its new Mac Pro supercomputer, perfecting its Authentech-based Touch ID technology that the industry has been flummoxed to copy, completing iOS 7 (while Google took a Kit […]