Monthly Archives: October 2013

Sad Cushion

Great little essay on the value of Design by Mike Monteiro: This is the value of good design. We understand it in common objects like chairs, clothes, shoes, watches. But when it comes to web sites, we tend to think of it as a surface layer that can be applied at the end. But in […]

Open Always Wins, Except When It Doesn’t

Looks like Samsung is drinking Google’s milkshake: To give an idea of what Samsung is doing, just look at the new Mobile SDK: It supports Samsung’s pen, gestures, multiwindow and motion features with 800 APIs available to developers. If that number doesn’t grab you consider what Samsung said about opportunities for developers. Simply by adding […]

Working For Free

Tim Kreider on being asked to work for free: People who would consider it a bizarre breach of conduct to expect anyone to give them a haircut or a can of soda at no cost will ask you, with a straight face and a clear conscience, whether you wouldn’t be willing to write an essay […]

The Same Typeface Bolded

An Amazon employee from 1997-2004, Eugene Wei spells things out for people who still parrot out the lazy argument around Amazon’s profitless business model: Amazon has seen that lowering its shipping costs and increasing the speed of shipping items to customers is like a shot of adrenaline to customer’s propensity to buy from them, and […]

Don’t Wait For Perfect

The Most Fascinating Humans In New York, Collected In One Place: At 21 years old, Brandon Stanton—the creative force behind the immensely popular photo blog Humans of New York—had flunked out of college (earning a combined score of zero on his five courses). Kicked out of his parent’s home, he was doing drugs, working at […]

I Can Do It Myself

MIT Technology Review: Data Shows Google’s Robot Cars Are Smoother, Safer Drivers Than You or I Data gathered from Google’s self-driving Prius and Lexus cars shows that they are safer and smoother when steering themselves than when a human takes the wheel, according to the leader of Google’s autonomous-car project. A robot can probably wipe […]

Twelve Percent

New banner ads push actual Google results to bottom 12% of the screen Google might want to add another sentence to their company motto: don’t be a glutton. Seriously, Google, I think you have a dependency problem. (Image taken from Ars Technica)

iPads Aren’t *That* Magical

PandoDaily: Los Angeles School District’s $30 million iPad program falls flat Last week, I wrote about how one-to-one tablet programs in Missouri and Texas K-12 schools had hit some road bumps. In North Carolina when 73,000 Amplify tablets arrived — from Robert Murdoch’s edtech company — a good chunk of them were shattered and labeled […]