Monthly Archives: December 2013

Only In An Emergency

I’m not 25 years old anymore. I’m 36 and I don’t do freelance design projects anymore, I do projects for myself. I’ll always give advice to friends and family when they ask for it (I’m not a complete asshole) but if what they need requires more than four hours of my time I kindly refuse […]

Vic Muniz

While I was home yesterday, my wife and I watched Waste Land. It was awesome.

Full Disclosure

Instead of an “About” page Malcolm Gladwell has a great disclosure statement on his site, where he goes off on fascinating tangents about his job at the New Yorker and that of a writer and speaker. A good portion of the page describes the differences between being biased and having an opinion and how they […]

Where Ideas Come From

Awesome post by Neil Gaiman on where he gets his ideas from: You get ideas from daydreaming. You get ideas from being bored. You get ideas all the time. The only difference between writers and other people is we notice when we’re doing it. But as anyone who works in a creative field knows, ideas […]

I’m 10 Months Ahead Of My Time

I was wrong, I’m not 6 months ahead of my time, I’m 10 months ahead. TechCrunch posted this today: The Second Screen Becomes The First Screen: Hulu Says 50% Of Its 5M Subscribers Use Devices Exclusively And this was me back in February: Television, cable and game console people, I have some news for you. […]

I’m 6 Months Ahead of My Time

Jillian Edelstein at The Guardian writes about how photographing events stops us living them (via MG Siegler). No shit, I wrote about this back in June of this year: In the 1990’s photo, the audience has a one-to-one connection with the musicians on stage. It’s direct, focused and visceral. It’s how I experienced every concert […]