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‘Real Work’

Benedict Evans (via DF): This brings us back to the mouse and keyboard that you ‘need for real work’, as the phrase goes. Yes, you really do need them to make a financial model. And you need them to make an operating metrics summary — in Excel and Powerpoint. But is that, really, what you […]


—Saul Bass via Bombtune and Geisha


I’m not surprised, but Samsung is integrating a fingerprint scanner (via The Loop) into their new phones—just like Touch ID Apple introduced last year in the iPhone 5s. I lump Samsung in the same category as all the tacky, unoriginal people putting Flappy Bird clone apps in the app store and the vendors on Canal […]

Conjunction Fallacy

Probability and chance often appear to be counterintuitive…Consider the following scenario: John initially took a degree in mathematics, and followed it with a PhD in astrophysics. After that, he worked in the physics department of a university for a while but then found a job in the back room of an algorithmic trading company, developing […]

Careers, Grit, Timing & Context

BGR: WhatsApp exists thanks to Twitter and Facebook’s ignorance Wow. Talk about a flamebait headline and a load of bullshit. The fact that Twitter and Facebook turned down WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton in 2009 has nothing to do with ignorance. Careers are not just about talent (although talent helps). Careers are also about timing and […]

Sorry UI designers, you’re not Paul Rand.

Brandon Velestuk: The first implementation of our internal Show & Tell reminds me of Dribbble. For that matter, it reminds me of a good portion of online communities. They require little to no thoughtful input. It’s more common than not that a single click or tap is all you need to do to show your […]

Roll The Dice

Sam Byford at The Verge: Mt. Gox, once the largest Bitcoin exchange in the world, is operated from an unmarked Tokyo office block that offers no indication of its major, controversial influence on the digital currency’s health. No indication, that is, unless you’ve walked past the headquarters in the past week, where protesters are attempting […]

Tesla should hire this guy NOW

Matthaeus Krenn: Several automotive companies have begun replacing traditional controls in their cars with touch screens. Unfortunately, their eagerness to set new trends in hardware, is not matched by their ambition to create innovative software experiences for these new input mechanisms. Instead of embracing new constraints and opportunities, they merely replicate old button layouts and […]

Supersaturation and the Subsequent Creative Fallout

Quartz: Why major creative breakthroughs happen in your late thirties: So why the late 30s? The most obvious factor is education: Scientists spend ages 5 through 18 in school, and then ages 18 through 30ish getting their academic degrees. Then a few years of learning on the job, and presto! You dig up an uncertainty […]

Chris Ware

Over the weekend I found a book on cartoonist Chris Ware for $2.76 in the discount bin of a bookstore. After flipping through the book for a few seconds, I realized I recognized Ware’s work when it was featured in the The New York Times Magazine (back when I used to buy the print edition […]

Over Nearly Everyone

A few weeks ago, my buddy Jory Kruspe suggested I do a poster about KRS ONE. I’ll admit KRS ONE gets a little too intense for me in a lot of the interviews I’ve watched of him, but I admire and respect the mark he’s put on Hip Hop. He’s a smart dude. MC’s Act […]