Monthly Archives: May 2014

Put Surface below the surface… of the ground. Bury it.

To Satya Nadella’s credit, he provided not just the answer, but the question as well. And, looked at narrowly, there were good things seen – and not seen – at Microsoft’s Surface event. Having clearly failed as a mass market device, it makes sense to focus Surface and more clearly define its use case. And, […]

Weekly Exhaust, The Podcast

That’s right. Your favorite contributors from Daily Exhaust—Michael Mulvey and Bryan Larrick—have taken to the digital air waves with a new podcast, Weekly Exhaust. What is Weekly Exhaust? It’s a talk show version of what you see here. Bryan and I talk about whatever the hell we feel like talking about and we do it […]

Get Real

Regarding my last post about Jimmy Iovine watching Apocalypse Now with earbuds, David Lynch has some advice: Couldn’t have said it better myself.


The Verge: Beats co-founder Jimmy Iovine thinks Apple’s earbuds are bad: Beats co-founder Jimmy Iovine isn’t a fan of Apple’s iconic white earbuds. On stage at Code Conference minutes ago, Iovine had harsh words for the pack-ins, saying that Apple — the company he will soon work for — makes them simply “to make sure […]

Tacky & Tackier

Before Samsung took over as the most prominent advertiser at Heathrow’s Terminal 5, it was Nokia that used to occupy the big billboards inside the home of British Airways. Unwilling to hand over the advertising crown with grace, the company now operating under the Microsoft Devices banner has decided to troll Samsung’s ads by sending […]

This Is How You Rant

“Double you tee eff?” you say, and start hunting for the problem. You discover that one day, some idiot decided that since another idiot decided that 1/0 should equal infinity, they could just use that as a shorthand for “Infinity” when simplifying their code. Then a non-idiot rightly decided that this was idiotic, which is […]

Surface 3 Vs Macbook Air

I’m a little confused. A 12-inch Surface Pro 3 with 512GB of storage and an Intel i7 core costs $1,949.00 (shit, no wonder they aren’t competing against iPads). If you want a keyboard—which Microsoft insists you need to make the most of the device—the price is $2079.00: A 13-inch MacBook Air with a dual i7 […]