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[…] Although many people continue to equate intelligence with genius, a crucial conclusion from Terman’s study is that having a high IQ is not equivalent to being highly creative. Subsequent studies by other researchers have reinforced Terman’s conclusions, leading to what’s known as the threshold theory, which holds that above a certain level, intelligence doesn’t […]

Adventures in Journalism

Umm, no. The score was 2-0. Huffpost showing, once again, that being first with a story does not always mean being the best. Slow down. Chew your food.

A Surface Mini Couldn’t Replace Anything

Citing its usual anonymous supply chain sources, Digitimes on Monday reported that Microsoft called off its plan to mass-produce and launch the Surface Mini tablet back in May. According to the report, the decision to cancel the device was made because the tablet lacked differentiation compared to other small tablets, and also because the company […]

Giving Apple a head start by beating them to market.

While it’s impressive how small today’s computers can get, Google and its partners have still failed to demonstrate truly compelling use cases–let alone “rich user experiences”–that will create a mass market for $200+ smartwatches. In almost every example during Singleton’s presentation, simply accessing a smartphone–an activity Google says its one billion Android users already do […]

Project Ara. No.

You might suggest I stop reading tech news sites if I have so many problems with them. The truth is, that’s where most of the tech scoops happen, so I keep reading them. This doesn’t mean I’ll stop calling bullshit on them when they post stupid headlines, like this one from Watch Google show […]

Weekly Exhaust Ep. 6: We Were In College, We Didn’t Care About Facts

This week Michael and Bryan discuss Vanna White, Yul Brynner as a robot, how HDR imaging is abused, the misconception that mobile apps are easy to make, Bryan’s fear of flying, the grit of Philadelphia and growing up in the suburbs. This episode opens with the exhaust from a 1968 Camaro Super Sport. Weekly Exhaust, […]

Hollow Icons

Curt Aldredge has concluded there’s no proof hollow icons are harder to interpret/recognize than solid icons: Johnson’s warning against using hollow icons in user interfaces just isn’t supported by evidence from real users. For one thing, an icon’s style doesn’t exist in isolation, but interacts with other attributes like color to create compounding effects on […]

San Francisco

Over at Slate, Reihan Salam sees the city I live in, San Francisco, as a selfish, selfish place: Or consider San Francisco, one of the least-affordable major cities in the United States. San Francisco’s population is about 825,000. If it had the same population density as my hometown, New York City, it would instead have […]

Make Art, Not Status Updates

I had no idea about this: You might be surprised to know that Facebook has an active and ongoing Artist in Residence Program. Not only that, but it’s also among the most innovative corporate art and artist programs anywhere. Now in its second year, artists have become a regular fixture around the Facebook campus. According […]

Spend More

David Cain noticed his spending habits changed when he returned from many months backpacking around the world: One of the most surprising discoveries I made during my trip was that I spent much less per month traveling foreign counties (including countries more expensive than Canada) than I did as a regular working joe back home. […]

This Circuit Is Contributing

Children not only learn to read more quickly when they first learn to write by hand, but they also remain better able to generate ideas and retain information. In other words, it’s not just what we write that matters — but how. “When we write, a unique neural circuit is automatically activated,” said Stanislas Dehaene, […]

Harry’s Brand and Their Story

First Round Capital has a great profile on the brand development of Harry’s (the guys behind Warby Parker). I particularly like where they zagged to after Movember’s zig: Last year, Harry’s launched National Shave Day on December 1 to much fanfare — riding on the coattails of another cultural facial hair phenomena: Movember. In doing […]


The new Android logo looks like something I’ve seen before, I just can’t put my finger on it.