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Everything is a Remix

My Kickstarter project, Charms, Quivers & Parades was successfully funded on February 25th, 2014. Now that I have shipped all the rewards to my backers, it’s time I give back. I’m sharing all of the vintage animal illustrations I used for the project (save for 2 I bought from stock image websites). You can download […]

Moto Flat Tire

Every time I see the Moto 360 Watch I’m reminded how bad a Fail it is. The fact that the screen isn’t even 360 degrees is beyond comical. It’s like they tried to design a beautiful car and released it to the public with no paint on one door.

We’re All Animals

From a great New Yorker piece from 2011 on crowd psychology: The origins of the term Black Friday are obscure. Some think that it was first used by the police in Philadelphia to describe the snarled traffic and sidewalk hassles that came with the day after Thanksgiving and crowds arriving for the city’s annual Army-Navy […]

The Stylus Sucks

What’s the stylus good for? According to Microsoft’s TV ads, it’s good for circling things. I know because I made the positive life decision of watching every advertisement Microsoft’s made for the Surface, from the ones that aired on TV, to the multi-minute-long ones the company uses to pitch businesses. —The Verge: Microsoft can’t explain […]

Life is a series of algorithms…

Derek Thompson at The Atlantic on The Shazam Effect: Culbertson wanted to check up on SoMo, an R&B singer from Denison, Texas, whom Culbertson had helped sign last year. Culbertson zoomed in on Victoria, Texas, a small city between Corpus Christi and Houston, where one of the radio stations had started playing a SoMo single […]

Baby Steps

MIT Technology Review headline: Apple Issues Strict Rules for the First Watch Apps Starting out small and conservative is a smart way to develop a product. It’s just as valid for a company like Apple as it is for a someone in his/her apartment launching a Kickstarter project. Your vision can still be grand, just […]

Living Colour

From one of the best rock albums of the late ’80s.

God View

Verge headline: Uber allegedly tracked journalist with internal tool called ‘God View’ A company that tracks all their drivers via GPS has a ‘God View’ they can enable. Fucking shocking. Next thing you’re going to tell me is Google could read my email if they wanted to, or Facebook sells my data. The fact that […]

Play It Again

Seth Godin’s post from this morning is all the more appropriate in light of Nokia’s new N1 tablet: John Koenig calls it vemödalen. The fear that you’re doing something that’s already been done before, that everything that can be done has been done. Just about every successful initiative and project starts from a place of […]

“Nokia — We Are Shameless”

Not only did Nokia copy the iPad, but they copied Apple’s website for their tablet. Apple’s page for the iPad Mini: Nokia’s page for their tablet: [If you dig Daily Exhaust, check out DE contributors Michael and Bryan on their podcast, Weekly Exhaust]