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Apple Watch 1.0

Ever since Slice Intelligence posted their report claiming Apple Watch sales plunged 90% since launch week, doubters in the tech news have been on a feeding frenzy. They’re giddy over the possibility of the Apple Watch being a flop. Apple isn’t immune to having products that flop, but it’s important to look at the Apple […]

Welcome to the Terrordome

It’s certainly not a prerequisite to become an iconic musical group, but sometimes it doesn’t hurt if you’re a graphic designer, like Chuck D. He has a degree in graphic design at Adelphi University and designed the logo for Public Enemy. via Brand New

Affordability in San Francisco

Gabriel Metcalf on San Francisco’s serious lack of affordability: But for cities like San Francisco that now have 35 years of growth behind them, the urban problems of today are utterly different from what they were a generation or two ago. Instead of disinvestment, blight and stagnation, we are dealing with the problems of rapid […]

Those 140 Characters Are Mine

Tweets are copyrightable: Let’s face it: coming up with a grade-A tweet isn’t easy. That’s why some people just copy good tweets from other people and act like they came up with the 140-character witticism on their own. This has been going on since the beginning of Twitter. It now appears Twitter is using its […]

The End of Capitalism

Over at The Guardian, Paul Mason talks about the end of capitalism and what comes after it: Postcapitalism is possible because of three major changes information technology has brought about in the past 25 years. First, it has reduced the need for work, blurred the edges between work and free time and loosened the relationship […]


Elias IsQuith on the whole Uber-vs-DeBlasio thing: When it comes to American politics, “progress” has no set definition. But it is usually associated with figures who in another era would’ve been called “liberal.” Progressives are almost always supportive of LGBT rights, feminism and the sexual revolution; and that’s forward-thinking in its way. But when de […]

Always Backup Your Files

Things didn’t go well for Jim Dalrymple with Apple Music: I love Apple. I love them because they take difficult problems and come up with innovative, simple solutions. The things they make just work and we trust them. Unfortunately, my experience with Apple Music has been exactly the opposite. As of today, I’m missing about […]

Every Child is a Designer

Dean Vipond had to explain what graphic design is to a bunch of 4-year-olds: I was surprised by two things: how readily most of the kids understood what design was for, and how they can express things through it; and also, for someone who specialises in explaining things to a target audience, how it took […]

The Awl

At the Verge, Josh Dzieza reports on an interesting little media site, The Awl: Soon cities will be stratified into classes of on-demand laborers, Herrman says, “app playgrounds” zoned by service radii. It’s going to get more interesting when you replace those people with robots, Buchanan says, adding that everyone will be eating soylent while […]

Adobe Flash = Bad Grandpa

Facebook’s new chief security officer wants to set a date to kill Flash: Alex Stamos, the recently appointed chief security officer at Facebook, has called on software company Adobe to announce an “end-of-life date for Flash.” In a pair of tweets sent over the weekend, Stamos echoed a number of recent complaints from the security […]


Samsung brings forward its Galaxy Note release to August to gain some ground against rival Apple: In a break with recent tradition, Samsung Electronics Co. will move up the autumn launch of its oversize smartphone lineup by several weeks to mid-August, according to a person familiar with the matter. The South Korean company’s move is […]