Monthly Archives: October 2015

The Apple Way is Now Microsoft’s Way

Tim Bajarin on Microsoft admitting with their actions Apple’s way is the best way: But if you look at Microsoft’s new strategy, one can’t help but see this is an acknowledgment Apple’s business model of owning the hardware, software and services is ultimately the best one that assures Microsoft’s control of their destiny. At the […]

Respect Mine

From one of my favorite hip albums of all time: Pete Rock – Respect Mine If you didn’t know, he was one of the producers of one of the other greatest hip hop albums of all time, Illmatic.

Does Microsoft Create Objects of Desire?

Peter Bright at Ars Technica on the new flagship Microsoft Store on Fifth Avenue: There are still weaknesses of the Microsoft store compared to the Apple store; Apple’s stores are much stronger from a support and maintenance perspective, and this gives both Apple’s hardware and stores a kind of desirability that the PC world can’t […]

Manipulating Photons

Light-based computers are on the horizon: “The phase speed is infinite—much larger, infinitely larger than the speed of light,” Mazur tells Quartz. This doesn’t mean light itself is traveling faster than the speed of light, which would violate the laws of relativity. “Phase velocity” refers to the speed of the crest of waves that ripple […]

Windows Phone Ghost Town

Let’s see how things go for Microsoft with Windows 10, but right now, Windows Phone is still a fucking mess: While the app gap has always been a problem, Windows Phone is now five years old and it’s still facing new challenges. Over the past year developers haven’t flocked to Microsoft’s platform to improve its […]

The Continuing Decline of Windows

Alex Wilhelm at TechCrunch on Windows 10: A few questions: Will Windows 10’s release lead to lift in PC sales, even if temporary? If that is the case, did the release of Windows 10 come too late in the quarter to make much of an impact? If that is not the case, then it seems […]

Ello Asty

Looks like there’s a Beastie Boys easter egg in Star Wars: The Force Awakens: The Beastie Boys as we knew them ceased to exist in 2012 after Adam Yauch’s death from cancer, but their memory’s being kept alive in an unexpected, intergalactic fashion. Jedi Insider obtained a new Hasbro Black Series figurine of an alien […]

The HTC iPhone

HTC ripped off the iPhone 6 design on their new One A9, right down to the shitty, protruding camera bump: Stay classy, HTC. Update: The lead “designer” on the One A9 is Catherine Kim. Hey Kim: YOU’RE A HACK. [image taken from The Verge]

Students Rethink iTunes

[… ] when one of your flagship software applications is assigned in schools as a case in feature bloat, it’s crossed some threshold for acceptability. —Khoi Vinh on the rethinking of iTunes by the students of Fachhochschule Potsdam The student redesigns can be seen here. It’s student work, so they’re not all winning designs but […]

“where are our future designers architects craftsmen/women engineers technicians software designers and mathematicians going to come from if no one can draw?”

Instead of regurgitating rants about the yoof’s over-reliance on technology and its zombiesh enslavement by screens, Bob sees the larger issues of exam-based curricula and financial difficulties as the things thwarting creativity. “The way the education system works is a bit like having high land prices in London – they stop you working creatively,” he […]

Adapt or Die

Yellow cabs in NYC might be getting an overhaul: The technology inside many New York City yellow taxis is in for an overhaul after regulators on Thursday approved a trial run for systems that calculate fares using global positioning. The changes mean the back seat “Taxi TVs” could be on the way out, along with […]